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Tuesday, Jul. 17, 2007 at 9:15 am

Why Your Ads Aren’t Working

By Anthony Garcia
July 17th, 2007

images.jpgAre you making any of the follow boo boos?

-Demanding “Polished and Professional” Ads
-Informing without Persuading
-Entertaining without Persuading
-Decorating without Persuading

Most of these mistakes center around the advertiser’s fear of offending the audience.

Roy H. Williams, the ‘Wizard of Ads,’ makes the case for not being all bound up in the tentacles of fear when you are creating your ads.

Oftentimes, fear is the enemy of profit. If you’ve been doing marketing or advertising for more than a few weeks, you’ve likely watched at least one great ad idea crushed under the foot of someone courageously challenged.

Read Roy H. Williams’ entire Monday Morning Memo…

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  1. [...] 5. Why your ads aren’t working [...]

  2. I ever to found problem too.

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