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Wednesday, Jul. 18, 2007 at 2:51 pm

Advertising Framework or Big Brother?

By Anthony Garcia
July 18th, 2007

big_brother.jpgIt is amazing, the length advertisers and marketers may be willing to go just to put ads in our faces.

InformationWeek chronicles a software patent filed by Big Brother, er, I mean Microsoft….

Overall, the software is like adware that figures out what ads to display based on files on the hard drive and what’s being displayed on the screen at a given moment. The advertising software, which could be part of the operating system, a standalone app, or an application feature, would use information gleaned from documents, music, computer status messages, and e-mails as context for ads. However, the software could conceivably gather information on every file on a user’s hard drive and send it to advertisers, and the application does little to assuage security and privacy concerns. Read the entire spooky article...

So, you mean to tell me there’s software in the works that’ll gently reach into my happy little computer, harmlessly read my innocent hard drive, stream my private data on a soft, fluffy cloud back to Microsoft, then, based on what it finds, kindly deliver me even more pleasant and delightful ads than I already get?

Boy, I can’t wait! The pop-ups, the spam, and the intrusive banner ads just aren’t enough to feed my appetite. Please, please, please give me more.

The answer to your marketing woes is not some new ad delivery system, or some new technology. When are businesses going to figure out that the simplest thing to do is work create a great product or service experience and let the rest take care of itself?

If you want a more sophisticated marketing strategy, try this.

If you don’t know how to create a great customer experience, try this — and pay special attention to Chapter 14.

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