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Thursday, Jul. 26, 2007 at 10:00 am

Are Your Visitors Searching for Your Products?

By Melissa Burdon
July 26th, 2007

Reduce windowshipping glareI grocery shop once a week and, although I’m never without my grocery list, there are always impulse items I buy for various reasons. There are also those items on my list that I simply have never thought of purchasing online instead of at the grocery store; cleaning products, bath towels and light bulbs, for instance.

Now, I’m big on environmentally friendly products and I recycle as much as humanly possible, so I’d easily be attracted to a product such as biodegradable window/glass cleaner. The issue is that I’d never think of searching for this product online and I probably wouldn’t even think about searching for that specific type of product at the grocery store. Still, I’d easily be sold on the stuff if it were effectively placed within my path while shopping.

Let’s say you sell biodegradable window/glass cleaner online. There will only be a small number of individuals searching specifically for the product, or even generically by categories such as such as “environmentally friendly cleaning products.” On the other hand, you’ll attract far more targeted traffic by advertising on ‘green community’ blogs or message boards, or doing some banner advertising on industry-related (in this case “eco-friendly”) websites.

If your website offers a commodity that’s more likely to be purchased offline, you should always be looking for new places and ways to interact with potential customers. That’s how to get the targeted traffic you might otherwise not get through search.

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  1. that a great insight on the behaviour of online buyers but what if i wanted to promote a wide range of products then what could i do

  2. Rohan,

    You offer “deals”. I may not be in the market for your product but if I saw the offer within the context of some content I was interested in I could be persuaded to take you up on the offer. Think about where people who are interested in your deals are and find a way to introduce the quality content they are looking for while embedding an offer. In Melissa’s case a well written article, blog post or other content piece about keeping toxins out of your home could provide a link to a non-toxic green window cleaner. Does that help?

  3. [...] Are your visitors searching to find your products or services? [...]

  4. I agree with idea. And hope that it will be useful in the days ahead.

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Melissa is a Senior Persuasion Analyst at FutureNow.

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