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Friday, Jul. 27, 2007 at 12:47 pm

Online Advertising is Floating in “Space”

By Robert Gorell
July 27th, 2007

ads_in_space.jpgOn his Publishing 2.o blog, Scott Karp reckons that “Online Publishers Need to Stop Selling Space“. According to Karp, the old media mindset is clouding publishers’ ability to sell advertising.

It’s a simple question with infinite answers: Why sell “space” on a “page” when both are illusions, and the “worldwide” Web is really a universe?

Scarcity creates value, and that won’t change anytime soon. Karp’s advice to advertisers? Refine and focus on geographic locations rather than virtual ones. It’s a great point, and it compliments Bryan’s account of what advertisers should measure.

Shocking, isn’t it, that online advertising might somehow be different than TV or print? The old media crowd seems surprised.

Meanwhile, unlike major publishers, the big ad networks are stronger than ever. Still, that doesn’t say much for what happens after a person clicks-through. Time to start planning conversion paths

TV is one channel. Print is another. But the Web consists of infinite channels. And so long as this multi-channel universe expands, banner ads and landing pages with no gravitational core will be floating in space, not occupying it.

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  1. There are two major needs in the marketing world. First stimulate a response. Second facilitate the response into some jointly beneficial action. Some tactics are better suited for one aspect; some are better for the other. For this reason campaign planning should be much more holistic and inline with customer expectations or we will be lost in space.

  2. If you want to measure, regardless of media, print, yes, print. The reader has to enact. Once they enact, you can measure. That enactment can happen offline as well as online. The same analytics can apply to both online and offline. The key difference is going to be enactment chain planning, which looks very much like planning conversion paths.

    Offline, you need a unique response address and a call to action, which is missing from a lot of print pieces–still!. You also need an online proxy where you process the response for fulfillment and the touchpoint database. Using an online proxy is what enables you to use the same analytics.

    Everything does not have to move online. It does have to move towards the analytics.

  3. Everyone is going online nowadays. It’s just a matter of time before all local advertising can be done online. Location won’t matter. Radio ads won’t work (internet radio has way more options). Newspapers will all be done online in RSS feeds. The best ways to advertise will be online.

    -Devin T.
    VestRite Internet Practices

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