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Online Advertising is Floating in “Space”

Posted By Robert Gorell On July 27, 2007 @ 12:47 pm In Advertising,Publishing | 3 Comments

ads_in_space.jpgOn his Publishing 2.o blog, Scott Karp reckons that “Online Publishers Need to Stop Selling Space [1]“. According to Karp, the old media mindset is clouding publishers’ ability to sell advertising.

It’s a simple question with infinite answers: Why sell “space” on a “page” when both are illusions, and the “worldwide” Web is really a universe?

Scarcity creates value, and that won’t change anytime soon. Karp’s advice to advertisers? Refine and focus on geographic locations rather than virtual ones. It’s a great point, and it compliments Bryan’s account of what advertisers should measure [2].

Shocking, isn’t it, that online advertising might somehow be different than TV or print? The old media crowd seems surprised.

Meanwhile, unlike major publishers, the big ad networks are stronger than ever [3]. Still, that doesn’t say much for what happens after a person clicks-through. Time to start planning [4] conversion paths [5]

TV is one channel. Print is another. But the Web consists of infinite channels. And so long as this multi-channel universe expands, banner ads and landing pages with no gravitational core will be floating in space, not occupying it.

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