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Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2007 at 10:46 am

The Would-be Most Popular Blog

By Robert Gorell
August 1st, 2007

In one of our daily editorial non-meetings — we like to keep it briskBryan and I were pondering one of our favorite questions…

What kind of blog would consistently dominate the charts at Today.GrokDotCom?

You see, other than deleting an irrelevant post here and there, stories bubble up from a link-based popularity algorithm on our RSS Discovery Engine that monitors over 5,000 marketing-related blogs. (Say that 10 times!) It’s especially good on days like today when Bloglines hasn’t updated all morning.  Anyway, I used to think the answer was simply blogging about Google. Now I think it’s this:

“A blog about blogging about how to optimize your unofficial Facebook blog for Google.”

Any other suggestions for would-be popular blogs?

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Comments (4)

  1. I nominate a blog about how to make money using Google adwords on your Facebook blog about celebrities.

  2. Exactly. Parez Hilton still dwarfs anything we think is popular.

    At least these folks think we’re bloglebrities. ;)

  3. Thanks for this article.

  4. This is really helpful blog post. I am going to bookmark this. Thanks for sharing buddy.

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