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Saturday, Aug. 4, 2007 at 8:06 pm

If Rank Meant Everything…

By Robert Gorell
August 4th, 2007

We are the chumpions... . . . every blogger who’s had even one link documented by Technorati could rejoice more than they already are after being accidentally ranked #1 todaythanks to a glitch.

If rank meant everything, you wouldn’t have to create fresh, original content.

If rank meant everything, blogs wouldn’t be worth reading.

Everyone would be baiting links (like I am).

Like money, when rank means everything, it means nothing.

Do blog readers really care about rank?

Would content by any other number smell as sweet?

Of course, you should all feel free to add GrokDotCom as a favorite.

In the meantime, I’m going outside to get some fresh air. ;)

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Comments (25)

  1. Thanks for the link. This is right up their with framing your first dollar from your own business.

  2. Well played…Well Played.

  3. we are all number one. yay!


  4. LOL. Of course rank doesn’t mean everything…but we all like to sit at the cool kid’s table now and then. Just for today, we all got to do that didn’t we? Thanks for the link.

  5. Technorati must be hosed…

    There’s no other way to explain “Rank: 1,” unless Dave Sifry’s trying out a new Rankness Index, an unlikely possibility at best. Still, I figured I ought to preserve this for posterity, since there’s no way anyone’s ever going to……

  6. LOL, thanks for the link love! I partied hard while it lasted. :)

    Shine on,

  7. Wait… you mean I’m NOT special after all?


  8. Interesting link post. Thanks for the link.

  9. LOL! I really got a kick out of looking around the web this morning and finding all the #1s. (Well, not all.)

    Pleased to meet you: I found the incoming link on my site, and came to visit. :)

  10. I’m #1 as well.

    Congratulations to all, none the less ;-)

  11. Nicely done! Excellent post.

  12. LOL! this just as hysterical as finding myself (and just about everyone else in the Technorati blogosphere) #1–for however long it lasts. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “we’re #1!” oh, and great way to get us over to read your blog :-)

  13. Clever post. Congrats on your number one status. It made me smile, too, to be number one!

  14. Thank you for the link love, mate (from the word ‘every’)! :) Great post and good play too.

    I’ve added you as a favorite on my Technorati list.

  15. Good way to pick up the thread in a new way, Robert. If anything, this shows we’ve all learned to take Technorati with a grain in salt ;-)

  16. Hey Robert,
    Thanks for the link :) Yes,it was nice at least to see once Rank#1 against my Blog,though it was while updating the site :)

    -Himanshu Sheth

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  18. maybe they did it on purpose!

  19. And what can be the purpose then? Making us all feel suddenly very great? :lol:

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  22. Woo Hoo, we are all number 1.

    Wow, I hit number 1 on Technorati, and have a link from Grokdotcom [ Movin' on Up ].

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  24. I guess you are in number 2 now?

    You are in the top in the world of blogging.

    how I wish my blog also would be listed in Top 100 or maybe top 1000

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