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Friday, Aug. 10, 2007 at 9:50 am

Screencast: Improving Category Pages for

By Bryan Eisenberg
August 10th, 2007

For this week’s screencast, I’ve taken a look at, an e-tailer with a great selection of travel gear; everything from day packs to luggage racks.

As a father of two, luggage is something very dear to my heart. Wherever we go, my wife and I must be prepared for the unexpected. Functionality and versatility are essential, and the last thing we need is another bag that’s only good for one or two types of situations. I’m not quite sure how to describe the type of backpack I’d like to buy for my wife, but I’m sure I’ll know what I want once I see it. If can help me sift through the clutter and find the right bag, I’ll buy it today. faces some common but no less difficult challenges. Among them:

  • Introducing several brands at once without overwhelming early-stage buyers (read: not ready to “buy now”).
  • Guiding the visitor who may not know what s/he wants toward the right product.
  • Blending navigation and copy to produce a frictionless shopping experience.
  • Persuading first-time customers that they’re better off buying from them than big retail competition (like Target).

Good news, though. All of that’s possible with some thoughtful fixes to their category pages. These essential funnel points are your site’s virtual help desk. Think of them as your sales staff and you’ll be sure to train them well.

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As always, we hope to hear more suggestions from Grok readers for websites to review. We hope to hear some creative suggestions, and we’ll try to make sure there’s something everyone can learn.

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Comments (6)

  1. Hey, how about a financial institution’s website?

  2. Hey ;-)

    Which one? What scenario would you like to see?

  3. Credit card/mortgage application. As for the bank, preferably a European one: or

    You choose the one we can learn most from .-)

  4. What are some suggestions on how to better improve the category pages on the website.

  5. Rick, Please watch this one again and also watch the one we did recently for

  6. Ironically, I was on this website and several competing sites over the weekend. The one thing that none of the websites got right was customer needs. My daughter needs a small waterproof backpack for an upcoming trip we have planned. Jeff mentioned needs, but I don’t feel he drove the point home. I need a backpack. I don’t need a specific brand. I need a small size. I need waterproof. I need a reasonable price. In that order. Hopefully they’ll get it right in the changes. I’d love to see Jeff go back and compare changes on Target, LuggagePro, and future sites after the suggested changes have been made. I’d also like to see him cover some sites that get it right and explain why. Sometimes the positive comments stick better. Thanks, Jeff!

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