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Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2007 at 10:05 am

Is there a Dating Profile Doctor in the House?

By Holly Buchanan
August 14th, 2007

The doctor is in...Let’s see, um, well. . . I’m thirty. . . Make that twenty-nine. . . I enjoy sushi. Except octopus; the suction cups freak me out. I love long walks on the beach, especially with my dogs — which is fun since Natasha loves to terrorize Yorkies and Boris likes to roll in seagull poop.

My idea of a good time is curling up with a soy protein shake and reading about neurology, quantum physics, or Harry Potter. I think I’m funny. Really. I’ll write something and just crack myself up. Still, I look a little silly, sitting alone at my computer writing and laughing. Some people find that strange.

I’m in shape. Well, I was in shape. Ok, maybe “in-shape” is too strong a phrase, but I was once called “athletic” (not that long ago) . I’m a non-smoker and healthy except for slight Swedish Fish problem. A big Sweedish Fish problem. Fine, it’s an addiction, but I’m seeking help.

Question: Would you date me? Heck, I wouldn’t date me. That’s where the Profile Doctor comes in.

Having trouble creating your online dating profile?

Creating the dreaded profile could very well be the number one problem online daters must face. But now Lavalife has created the Profile Doctor to come in and do a profile analysis on member profiles.

I’m really curious about this. I love the idea of getting outside feedback on your profile. But I wonder: would I rather have a man or a woman do the analysis? Maybe a man since he’d know what guys like. But a woman might be better at helping me polish the finer points to help me shine.

I’d like to know what criteria the Profile Doctor uses to analyze these profiles? I mean, yeah, some stuff is just creepy, but can he really help you get more dates? I’d love to know.

I still think the best way to do a profile is to get your best friend to write up a profile for you. Best friends can talk about your good points so you don’t have to feel like you’re bragging. I’d really like to see this feature on the dating websites.

Don’t Date Him Girl is a laugh-out-loud funny site designed for women to be able to share their past dating experiences. Wouldn’t it be fun to have something like this on the dating sites? I think it would be fun.

Hmm. . . the guys reading this over my shoulder aren’t laughing. One would have to be careful about psychotic ex’s posting less than flattering comments. Hey, one or two angry ex-girlfriends isn’t a big deal, but if there are, like, 17 . . . that could be a sign of a guy to avoid.

No matter what, it’s just plain hard to write about yourself. I’d give the Profile Doctor a try. Or I’d get my best friend to write something for me. Either way, I think getting feedback on your profile could help improve them. Better profiles would lead to more dates. Isn’t that what online dating is all about?

P.S. — You know. . . I’m a writer, and I consider myself a pretty good judge of character. Maybe I could be a profile doctor? How cool would that be? In the meantime, I’ll create a profile and follow-up to let you know the prognosis. Hey, if an athletic math nerd seeking someone who to hum the Seinfeld theme with can do it, so can I. :)

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  1. Holly, your profile’s not too bad! (this is coming from a perspective of a female :)

    So, the profile doctor is supposed to “sell” the idea of a person and make them sound more interesting? Hmm…seems kinda fishy! ;) I’d love to see what you come up with, Good luck!

  2. Holly,

    Maybe you should go one further and create a bazaar voice for dating sites – that way people could have multiple friends pump up their reviews. What’s really funny is that this “service” was “predicted”/suggested by Nicholas Carr over at RoughType:

  3. I’m not on the dating market.. But I’d definitely use that service. They need one just for social network sites in general. It always varies, but my profile or “About me” write ups are always 1 or 2 sentences and very boring.

  4. Holly,

    If I were a guy – I’d date ya, based on that profile. As for the “doctor” I don’t see a problem with a little help – as long as the basic facts remain the same. Same as any marketing challenge.

    But then, there’s the extremes…A new reality show is “Confessions of a Matchmaker” where the woman basically spends the entire time telling people to not be themselves. Sure, you don’t want to confess the fish addiction in the first 5 minutes of a date…but if you work for the Republican National Committee and you’re going out with a liberal democrat, seems to me that’s not something you should hide – otherwise, start planning on the divorce now.

  5. Great blog . I really liked it. I have also created a lens in same niche. This is my first time , hope u guys like it.Here’s a brief intro: Free online dating personals are fast becoming a popular way to meet other people from all parts of the world. Until recently, the majority of people met their boyfriends and girlfriends through traditional means. The most popular ways to meet someone included blind dates, setups, meeting through friends and colleagues, and of course bar and club hopping

  6. I used a similar service called Big Hit Profiles as I found it really hard to write about myself. I can write but had a mental block when it came to writing my own profile. They also took my photo which wasn’t too bad if I do say so myself! I’m getting a lot more quality attention now so I’m really glad I did it.

  7. I haven’t heard of a profile doctor before but it sounds like something that could be beneficial to my blog readers. I might need to look into a service such as this.

    Thanks, Scott.

  8. What a fun blog! Yes – I am a doctor but the type who asks you to say “Ahhhh”. I suggest being yourself but the best version of yourself as possible.

    Of course, if that doesn’t work…just fake it ;)

  9. Haha yeah I agree, write about the best parts of yourself, polish it of with a degree and your fine :) In all honesty though, you’ll only be happy with someone that’s happy with the real you so tell the truth, but word it as best as possible.

  10. I havent heard about the profile doctor before , but looks cool. Let see

  11. I can see that.

  12. The biggest issue that I’ve run into so far isn’t that people aren’t creating good profiles it’s that they don’t bother writing anything at all. No one is going to contact you if you say “ask me later” but if you make any effort its a great sign on your profile that you’re not just passing through.

  13. Sounds like a good service. I haven’t really gotten into online dating much, but something like this would be helpful.

  14. Interesting idea mate! I think it is worth trying a profile doctor and see how it helps you to find more dates. But maybe just asking a friend to fill your profile information would be easier. I have tried it few times and results were fantastic. Good luck in your personal life!

  15. Met my husband through online dating.. no matter what anyone says, it worked for me! thanks for your post, it’s always good to read other people’s takes on these things.


  16. Many people’s meet other through online dating, and somebody stay together for lifetime. So online dating can also be serious.

  17. I can’t believe that at your age you don’t have a girlfriend because for me I find you a great guy and a kind person. What’s this profile doctor? I never experienced this one? Is this fun? I want to find a guy who is comfortable with.

  18. Meh… just be yourself, all the fluffery and dating profile patches will unravel eventually, when we have to reveal our true selves.

  19. I work for a online dating company and the majority of people don’t write anything at all in their introductions. To try and help people out we provided examples of introductions that they can get ideas from but then people just cut and pasted the entire example. We even have guys cut and pasting example introductions that were designed for girls so in their profile they would introduce themselves by saying they are looking for a man.

    I guess you could probably say that if people don’t take the time to write a introduction, they arn’t genuine and are probably just there to look at the pictures.

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