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Thursday, Aug. 16, 2007 at 9:30 am

BusinessWeek: Are Big Ad Agencies Clueless?

By Robert Gorell
August 16th, 2007

BusinessWeek‘s Bruce Nussbaum asks: “Are Big Ad Agencies So Clueless That Corporations Should Avoid Them?

It’s not this bad, is it?

(Video may not be work-safe… If you work in an ad agency.)

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  1. Funny video clip. I colleague of mine recently attending the conference in Chicago, and he came back with the same impression. He was shocked at how clueless ad agencies were to common terminologies and online marketing concepts. He was absolutely bored with some of the lectures and the topics. Why haven’t they updated! it’s pretty shocking…

  2. That was freakin hilarious, and as an internet marketer with an outdoor gear company client, even funnier. Thanks for sharing that!

  3. That is the fourth time I have seen that video. I have been sending it to my rather large international client who has used my company to perform online marketing services for one brand and just commissioned an ad agency for the other. We hit the ground running with results already (Fantastic I might add) while the ad agency is still working out the online strategy. (??)Since our results have been flowing into this company the ad agency has been getting more and more uneasy and has now demanded that they have the other brand also. That there is a conflict with having two competitiors. I dont just blame the ad agencies, I blame the lazy marketing managers/ CMO’s whatever you want to call them for wanting to not rock the boat. They want to keep their lavish agency lifestyle up and generate average results than actually look at the big picture!

  4. “might not be work safe…If you work in an agency)” ??? Dude, it’s hilarious and getting rave reviews from all I’ve forwarded it to so far…

    Kyle makes good points. Laziness, datedness, short-sightedness are issues principally of people and how they think, and sometimes secondarily of cultures perhaps. They’re traps for all marketers or advertisers (diff, IMHO) to keep wary of whether on client side or agency side, big or small, working in traditional or digital media. The idea of something otherwise being the issue, moreover so squarely falling within one camp type or another… (re-)enter short-sightedness.


    Absolutely. This is really calling out not just ad agencies, but clients and marketers as well; anyone who puts tactics before strategy in a vein attempt to make it seem they always know what’s best. But once an agency starts running the marketing strategy for a campaign, it becomes similar to what we see when designers and developers are told “build me a site”… um… OK… Now what?

    Any campaign will become a house of cards once it’s allowed to be built on the ego-stroking and high-fives of those who matter least: its creators.

    (By the way, your blog and URL are both fantastic. Mind if I rip-off your ideas and repackage them as my own? ;) )

  6. Cheers, mate!

    (Heh, as if SEOs don’t hunt for quality inbound links, also specializing to an extent, in issues of content theft and repackaging.)

  7. I’m curious as to whether this one came first, or the other Truth In Advertising series (with Colin Mochary).

    Anone want to take a run at writing the blog version of the video? :)

  8. It IS that bad. Especially the white board with FOETUS on it.

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