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Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2007 at 1:47 pm

PriceGrabber to Show “Hacker Safe” Trustmark in Results

By Bryan Eisenberg
August 22nd, 2007

Hacker has just announced a partnership with ScanAlert to feature its “HACKER SAFE” logo next to results from participating e-commerce shops. This move makes PriceGrabber one of the first pricing engine to show trustmark verification next to specific vendors. (Last week, Yahoo! Shopping announced it would do the same.)

According to the news release:

HACKER SAFE integration will offer its certification throughout a network of more than 11,000 sellers and over 300 co-brand partner Web sites that incorporate’s CPC (cost per click) product listings. According to a November 2006 Gartner report, nearly half of online U.S. adults, or 46% of more than 155 million people, say that concerns about theft of information and data breaches have affected their online transactions.

“Security concerns strongly influence many online decisions – especially when using comparison shopping engines,” noted ScanAlert CEO Ken Leonard. “Trust is a significant factor in comparison shopping. Confidence in a retailer’s trustworthiness can make the difference between shoppers clicking the buy button, or continuing their search.”

Pricing engines are a great tool for customers looking to get the best deal on a given product. But getting the “best deal” means precious little if the customer doesn’t feel confident giving you her money.

Is this a step toward creating a “value engine”? That’d be nice, wouldn’t it? ;)

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Comments (9)

  1. Bryan, what’s a “value engine?”

  2. Scott,

    Bryan’s traveling at the moment, but I believe he was joking about something he wishes existed for people shopping online. :)

  3. No problem — just wondering what he envisioned. Sounds interesting ;)

  4. I’m not wild about this as it holds merchants hostage to a single supplier. If they displayed every merchant’s truustmark, it would be fine, but HackerSafe is considered a scam by many merchants.

  5. I’ve used hackersafe, but also seen claims about similar offerings from other companies- one smart question was: “Does using the word ‘hacker’ help a customer feel safer?” Just wondering if the seal in the PG results will actually have the desired effect.

  6. I use Hacker Safe on some of my websites plus my SSL popup, so i have 2 trust seals. I do not think it is a solve all, no seal is. I do think it helps reduce friction in the shopping process. It give the customer a warm and fuzzy.

  7. I think anything that makes the customer feel more comfortable is good and we also use the HackerSafe logo. Single supplier is certainly a concern if it doesn’t give the consumer the whole picture.

  8. [...] true benefits of these partnerships will be. There are some interesting user comments on a recent GrokDotCom blog entry about whether or not the trust seal brings real value to consumers. Only time (and good solid [...]

  9. I don’t know is it really worth it to put this logo on our sites?

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