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Friday, Aug. 24, 2007 at 11:39 am

Screencast: Optimizing E-Commerce Product Pages

By Bryan Eisenberg
August 24th, 2007

For this screencast, after recalling a post on the top-converting e-commerce sites, I chose to focus on Fingerhut, Best Buy, and TigerDirect. Like many of the other top-converting sites, these are backed up by print catalogs as well. So, what I’m going to show you now is what each of these sites does well and offer a few pointers for how they could improve their product pages to convert better.

I’ll discuss the importance of:

  • Formatting — Are the copy and links readable and easy-to-follow?
  • Image Views — Do I get multiple, detailed views of the product?
  • Calls to Action — Are these sites doing enough to push customers’ buttons?

(For those reading this in RSS, click here for the video.)

As always, we hope to hear more suggestions of websites to review. We hope to hear some good ones, and we’ll try to make sure there’s something everyone can learn.

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Comments (18)

  1. These screencasts are great. Some suggestions for pages to screencast:

    - banks: accounts, contact pages, self-service
    - ecommerce: clothing
    - how ’bout a review of

  2. In my opinion the best screen cast you have done yet. One thing I liked was the suggestions to improve things, I felt like I got some nuggets of good information. I could watch a couple of these a week, I like them that much. The volume levels do seem a bit low on the audio, I have all the audio controls up as high as they can go. But this is still great, low audio and all.

  3. What about doing a screen cast on Optimizing E-Commerce category pages or ways to continue scent through out a website?

  4. Screencast – Boosting Product Page Conversions…

    Great screencast analyzing 3 top ecomm site’s product pages – showing what they do well and what they need to correct to boost conversions. Whether you are an affiliate or a merchant I think you’ll agree…


  5. Great screencast. I like the core issues that you’ve discussed and it’s very valuable to design and efficiency.

    I really like the screencast feature you are using. It improves upon a written description and is perfect for ‘the lazy reader’, like me who enjoys listening over reading, most days.

  6. VIDEO – How to Boost Sales Conversions Screencast…

    Working on a new product site? Want to start tweaking your existing site’s product pages for increased 4th quarter conversions? Whether you are an affiliate or a merchant I think you’ll agree this s……

  7. The great thing about what you’ve done here, Bryan, is show the impact that tabbed browsing is having. Customers are now viewing your top competitors against you side by side.

    This is an important test that we often take our clients through when evaluating their sites’ usability.

  8. [...] gotta love the Future Now guys. Far too smart – and they give stuff like this presentation on optimizing e-commerce product pages away for free. I want to be just like them when I grow [...]

  9. Brian,
    Look forward every week to seeing the Screencast. As owner of a service business helping other service businesses with conversion, I ‘d love to see you walk through how a service site could be ennhanced when there are no specific products, (or perhaps only one product like an ebook), to sell.

  10. PetSmart relaunched their store today. Could be a good screencast. They even use a “red” add to cart button.

  11. [...] we’re linking to a very solid screencast demonstrating key product page features which drive conversion.  Nicely [...]

  12. Hi Bryan,

    Would love to see a screencast with your thoughts on single-page checkout (when it works, when it doesn’t and whether specific vertical markets seem to work better than others with this type of checkout). Another popular topic would be around building trust and credibility throughout a site–who’s doing it right and wrong. Again–thanks for the screencasts–great resource for merchants.


  13. I only have category pages on my website. With GA stats, my bounce rates run 55% to 64% on most of these pages, home page runs 28%. I am planning on adding individual item pages for each product. I think this should lower the bounce rate, some. But I will have a bounce rate on the individual item pages also. Should I see an increase in orders by adding the item pages because:

    1. more content equal more sales?
    2. more pages, more hooks in the seas to catch customers?
    3.the longer a customer is in the site, drilling into it, the more likely they are to buy?
    4. individual item pages satisfy some customers that need more information before they buy, which they were not getting with just category pages?

    I would like some conversation about this………thanks.

  14. GAH! You said “irregardless”! Owww!

  15. Really appreciate the screencasts! Reading your books is on my “to do” list, but these just make it so darn easy to learn…thanks.

  16. Thank You Bryan.

  17. This is great information for anyone who seeks to improve their conversion rates! Thanks!

  18. The screencast link seems not to work anymore. Anyone have a working link? Thanks!

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