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Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2007 at 12:26 pm

A Pricing Engine That Takes it to the Browser

By Robert Gorell
August 29th, 2007

Imagine being able to compare prices for airfares, hotels and retail products, with customer reviews, directly in your browser.  SmartShopper — a plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer (they’ll add Firefox next quarter) — does just that.

Our friends at CenterNetworks spoke with SmartShopper CEO Oren Dobronsky about this exciting new tool for consumers and e-commerce shops.

  • The add-on is only .5 mb in size
  • Automatically recognizes any product or travel offering
  • Oren’s mission statement is to, “make the comparative shopping experience better and easier”
  • There are no ads in the add-on
  • Two million active users in the last month
  • SmartShopper is one of only twelve applications that are trusted by TRUSTe
  • The team is made up of 20 people in Israel and Oren in NYC – they are working to open a NYC office in Q4 2007
  • Oren claims that it’s the next generation of comparative searching engines
  • Funding comes from a few angel investors
  • August 2007 is their first profitable month
  • They are working on some major distribution deals – which will be announced soon.
  • Merchants pay a CPC (Cost-Per-Click) to be listed
  • [...] there is no advantage as to [the merchant who] pays more because sorting is by item price.

On face value, this seems like a great thing for lazy, cheap deal-seekers like yours truly.  But I wonder…

How might this change buying behavior?  In other words, if the price is right there, will self-described “frugal” shoppers be tempted buy more or more often?  Would you or someone you know use it?

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