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Thursday, Aug. 30, 2007

Web Analytics Blogs: A Top 10?

By Bryan Eisenberg
August 30th, 2007

After all the debate unleashed by Avinash Kaushik’s latest monthly list of Top-Ranked Web Analytics Blogs I decided I should take a dig in to this issue. He’s been publishing this list for the past year based on the blogs’ Technorati rankings. Recently, Eric Peterson from Web Analytics Demystified asked to be excluded because he felt using Technorati’s flawed algorithm muddied the outcome.

Avinash had already applied a new method, using a regression formula that paired Technorati score with Feedburner subscriber data. Certainly both of these methods have their issues, but I thought it was an improvement from the standard Technorati measure he used previously to measure who was the top ranked web analytics blog.

At the top of the list was Occam’s Razor, Google Analytics Blog, Web Metrics Guru, Web Analytics World, and Blog. Of course, I was devastated to find out GrokDotCom didn’t even make the list. (Just kidding.) In fact, while we certainly do write quite a bit about web analytics, we wouldn’t want to be limited by being called a web analytics blog ;)

So, if some of these blogs that Avinash highlighted in his top 10 list over the past year, among others, weren’t thrilled with how the rankings were computed, I wonder what might we use as an alternative.

web analytics blog search googleGoogle! I did the search for “web analytics blog” and those results surprised me a bit. (Yahoo! results are fairly similar.)

#1 Matt Belkin’s Omniture Blog — This blog hasn’t been updated in over 6 months. I’m not surprised that it’s at the top of the results, considering how Omniture’s been climbing for the term “web analytics” over the past year.

#2 Coffee, Sun & Technology — I respect Xavier as a friend and analytics innovator, but he doesn’t blog often about analytics anymore since starting his new venture, Wambo, and hasn’t updated the blog since April.

3. Blog — By the always wonderful René and Aurélie from OX2, here’s the first blog we see from Avinash’s list.

4. VisualRevenue — By my buddy Dennis Mortensen, this is another fine web analytics blog.

5. TKG Web Analytics Blog — A blog by the Karcher group.

6. and, finally, Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik.

I wonder if any of the people involved in the debate here, here and here would rather work off this data set. Would you?

Inspired by my wonderful friend Avinash, the web analytics community needs to highlight as many of its voices as possible. I don’t think, in a young market, where it’s hard to name even 50 blogs off the top of my head, that we should limit it to a top 10 list. Besides, if any group knows its rankings and metrics, it’s this one.

I believe anyone who wants to share their passion, curiosity and knowledge about the value of web analytics deserves recognition — which, by the way, was one of the reasons I co-founded the Web Analytics Association.

Therefore, I propose we create a definitive list of web analytics blogs. I’ll get it started with a bunch that I’m aware of and I invite you to list others in the comments. Once I verify that in fact it is a blog that occasionally covers web analytics, I’ll add it to the list.

Web Analytics Blogs:

Future Now’s GrokDotCom
Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik
Web Analytics Demystified by Eric Peterson
Emetrics Blog by Jim Sterne (Jim, we’re still waiting for you to get started.)
Marketing Productivity Blog by Jim Novo
Instant Cognition by WAA board member Clint Ivy
Web Metrics Guru by Marshall Sponder
Judah Phillips blog
Analytics Notes by Jacques Warren
Turn Up The Silence by iPerceptions
Share the Genie’s Power :: ClickInsight Blog by June Li
Web Analytics, E-business and Marketing Optimization Blog by Lars Johansson
Commerce 360 blog by Craig Danuloff
Analytics Talk by Justin Cutroni
Webanalyticsbook by Sebastian
Master of 500 Hats by Dave McClure
Google Analytics Blog by Jeff Gills
Information Overload by Bob Page
Web Analytics World by Manoj Jasra
Unofficial Google Analytics Blog by Shawn Purtell
Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang
Lies, Damned Lies… by Ian Thomas
immeria – An immersion in Web Analytics by Stephane Hamel
Passionate Analyst by Dylan Lewis
The MineThatData Blog by Kevin Hillstrom
Lunametrics by Robbin Stiff
Coffee, Sun & Technology hasn’t been updated in a while.
TKG Web Analytics Blog
Hitwise Intelligence – Analyst Weblogs
Compete Blog
David Dalka‘s Blog
Conversion Rater by Pat McCarthy
Braden’s web analytics, usability & online marketing blog
Jonathan Mendez‘s Blog
Web Analysis, Behavioral Targeting and Advertising by Anil Batra
Web Analytics Pulse

Who am I missing? You?

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Comments (30)

  1. Ah, well, I got another one:

    And this one in French:

    Also, there’s this one in italian:

    And this one in German:

  2. I will throw my blog into the ring.

  3. woohoo #3! :)

  4. Brian, now that you are talking about it, I can’t hold it anymore! I’ve been working with the WAA team to provide a custom search engine that would encompass web analytics blogs, service providers, solutions, references, conferences, etc. It already contains 236 hand picked sites, including 76 blogs. So you have at least 76 blogs to start with for your list!

    You can view the current list of blogs at

    You can see the upcoming WAA Custom Search widget in action in the right sidebar of my blog at

    WAA members can volunteer to manage the search engine at

    And for those who don’t want to maintain a long list of blog subscriptions, all of the above blogs are available trough an agregated Feedburner feed at


    P.S. I just added to the list

  5. Bryan,

    Good idea. I tried to do the same thing in my blogroll over at WAD. Thanks for including me. Your work and books have been inspirational.

    My only addition to your list is one more “L” in my last name. Also, several of the links are broken (Avinash, Jacques, mine). :-0 My Technorati authority is thus wrong… Hehe.



  6. Thanks Judah. All fixed :-)

  7. Top Web Analytics Blogs from…

    It was nice being at WAA Basecamp the other day and seeing Bryan Eisenberg again (see Web Analytics Association Basecamp – Part 2, Web Analytics Association Basecamp NYC Part 1 and Web Analytics Association Dinner with Jim Sterne, Braden Hoeppner,…

  8. Bryan, a great idea indeed! And while I think you used the wrong Google search (not sure why the quotes were necessary, but to each their own, right?!)

    Will you please make this list into an XML feed so that we can use it on our own blogs? I would be happy to swap out my own blogroll with your list if it were A) alphabetized by author’s and/or blog’s name and B) in XML (because it is an XML world!)

    Let me know and thanks for doing the heavy-lifting!


  9. Hey Bryan,

    You might also want to include:

    Visual Revenue – Dennis Mortensen –

    Analytical Engine – Diamond Management & Technology Consultants –

    Juice Analytics – Juice Analytics –

    SEMAngel – Gary Angel –

    The Site Is Dead – Offermatica –

    Data Mining Research – Sandro Saitta –

    The Dashboard Spy – Enterprise Dashboard Screenshots –

    Digital Alex – Alex L. Cohen – (if I may :-)


  10. I can highly recommend the Good Behaviour Blog written my friend Hugh Gage which can be viewed at

    I’ve worked with Hugh in the past and he certainly knows how to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to web analytics

  11. Hi Bryan,

    I of course think this Google created list (which put me at number 4) is absolutely fair! ;-)
    .. but to reiterate Eric’s comment. If you do the XML list, Cool, I would love to add that as my blog-roll

    Cheers mate.

    Dennis R. Mortensen, COO at IndexTools

  12. [...] to aid the process of testing your users’ behaviors, Bryan Eisenberg over at Future Now lists the main folks who can help you figure out what your customers want. I’d add me to the list, of course, but, y’know, these guys are pretty good, [...]

  13. Hi Bryan – good to see/hear you in San Jose recently…

    A number of GAAC partners have some excellent blogs out there – Epikone and OX2 you list, also,, and of course my own

  14. Hi Brian,.

    If “occasionally covers web analytics” is the standard, then I’ll put Marketing Logic – up for inclusion.

    I would also add:
    The Blackbeak Blog:
    Stephen Few’s Blog: Design is always important!
    Matt Hopkins:

  15. Hi Bryan,

    There is quite a large BlogRoll set of links which you’re free to grab names from at;

    I’ve got some 35 links there already though I’ll need to go through your list to make sure there is none I’ve missed.

    Maybe these could also be published somewhere at the WAA?

  16. [...] came to my attention that our friends over at GrokDotCom are putting together a list of Web Analytics Blogs. I haven’t commented on the [...]

  17. What is strange is I had a few of these already on the list and it seems wordpress gobbled them up. Matt for example I explicitly recall adding you in right before I hit publish. Weird. Anyhow, I am glad you added it to the list.

    I have some interesting plans for the list. Just stay tuned for more and keep the list growing.

  18. Hi Bryan. Feel free to add mine to your list:

  19. [...] off the blog trail again (when life gets too crazy, I stop posting *and* stop reading) so missed the little dust-up over who’s got the name-your-superlative web analytics [...]

  20. [...] how I noticed that Bryan Eisenberg and the folks over at Future Now wrote a post about the top web analytics blogs on their blog.  Bryan asked for reader contributions (as he always does) and so I threw in a few [...]

  21. I’m writing about Web analytics and marketing ROI at:

  22. Hey! I have an up and coming web analytics blog of mine to add to this list…

  23. Check this information for 2008 Year :)

  24. A recent one:
    WebTrends Outsider

  25. Here is a blog, which talks a lot about online media analytics, web analytics, touches upon some of the basic marketing measurement techniques:

  26. A website dedicated to Dashboards and KPIs

  27. [...] Has Bryan turned on his friends and now hunting for Avinash, Eric, Jim and all these other analysts? [...]

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  29. Hi,

    We have a blog dedicated to web analytics which we would love you to include in your list. Check it out at


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