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Wednesday, Sep. 5, 2007 at 6:13 pm

Blog Buzz for September 5, 2007

By The Grok
September 5th, 2007

Every day on WebmasterRadio(Grok’s Note: Today marks the first time we’re publishing the transcript of our Blog Buzz podcast, 5pm daily on — or subscribe via iTunes. The show, in case you haven’t heard, is a rundown of the day’s top stories from with a bit of color commentary from hosts Bryan Eisenberg & Robert Gorell. Hope you like the show!)

Well, it looks like Business 2.0 won’t outlive Web 2.0. The New York Times has the sad news…

The latest dot-com casualty comes from the newsstand, not the Internet. Business 2.0, a monthly magazine about the new economy, will be shut down rather than sold, its owners at Time Inc. have decided. The publication, which has been suffering from a decline in advertising revenue, will cease publication after its October issue, which will have a cover article on where to invest in a real estate downturn.

According to people familiar with Time Inc.’s handling of the matter, Time turned down offers from Mansueto Ventures, owners of the rival magazine Fast Company, and other prospective buyers to acquire the Business 2.0 brand and its circulation list of 600,000 subscribers.

Instead, Time Inc. will reassign the editor of Business 2.0, Joshua Quittner, and nine other editorial staff members to Fortune magazine, where they will help with Fortune’s technology coverage, conference business and Web site.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being heartbroken,” said Mr. Quittner, who steered the magazine for five and a half years. “That said, we had a terrific team here and learned a lot. A bunch of us are going on to Fortune, where we’ll have an even bigger platform to carry on the good fight.”

In a subtle twist of irony in the wake of the late, great Business2.0, TechCrunch reports that Microsoft has officially launched its Flash rival, Silverlight 1.0.

Says TechCrunch’s Duncan Reily:

Silverlight 1.0 provides cross browser support under both Windows and OS X, and in a partnership with Novell will also be available for Linux.

Silverlight was initially released to rave reviews in late April, with Michael Arrington saying that it would become “the platform of choice for developers who build rich Internet applications.”

Microsoft has rolled out a number of Silverlight powered applications since then, including Live Station, Popfly and Tafiti.

Microsoft has also announced that a number of content providers will be providing Silverlight enabled content online, including Entertainment Tonight, HSN and World Wrestling Entertainment.

In other news, SearchViews has the rundown from Apples “the beat goes on” special event.

Sepideh Saremi has the scoop:

In his trademark dad jeans and black mock turtleneck, Steve Jobs delivered Apple’s “the beat goes on” announcements in San Francisco today. The biggest news was the new iPod Touch, with smatterings of other iTunes- and iPhone-related information. Here’s a roundup of the announcements.

iPhone owners will be able to create custom ringtones with select iTunes songs. A new version of iTunes launches tonight, and a little bell icon will tell you which songs you can turn into ringtones for an additional $0.99.

There’s some change to the colors and the addition of a red Shuffle, as part of the (product) red line. That’s pretty much it.

iPod Nanos
The rumors were true, and “fat Nano” lives. The new Nanos are squatter and thinner, with a bigger screen to enable video-watching and game-playing (three games will come bundled with them) and a better interface.

iPod Touch
This rumor was also true and this thing looks pretty awesome: Apple’s basically taken everything in the iPhone besides the “phone” part to make the iPod Touch: touchpad interface, Wi-Fi, etc.

iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store
Just what it sounds like: a Wi-Fi iTunes store so you can buy music on your iPod Touch or iPhone. Also, iTunes is partnering with Starbucks, so users can buy what’s playing in Starbucks stores while at Starbucks stores, via Starbucks’ wi-fi, for free. As Jason Chen wrote in the live coverage on Gizmodo, “Wow, free access to a STORE? thanks!”

The 8 GB iPhone went from $599 to $399, making it slightly more affordable, and the 4 GB iPhone is being dropped entirely.

The Beatles
To my dismay, there was no Beatles announcement, no Sir Paul McCartney appearance, nothing. Just a KT Tunstall show to close things out, apropos of none of the Beatles rumors.

Thanks for tuning in! As always, you’ll find these stories, along with the rest of today’s Blog Buzz, over at today.GrokDotCom

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