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Thursday, Sep. 6, 2007 at 4:43 pm

Blog Buzz for September 6, 2007

By The Grok
September 6th, 2007

Today’s headline-of-the-day award goes to Organic’s ThreeMinds on Digital Marketing blog, where Apple’s newly announced iPhone price cut warranted this beauty from Daniel Neumann: “Early Adopters Get iPwnd

The real story here is a $200 price cut on the 8gb iPhone and the elimination of the 4gb model. The price cut is a slap in the face for early adopters, many of whom stood in line for hours, even days, eagerly awaiting the most hyped piece of tech ever. People who shelled out $599 and a portion of their soul to AT&T for the privilege of owning said tech have been left out in the cold. No new features were introduced for the iPhone. The ability to access iTunes over Wi-Fi and ringtone conversion service do not add any real functionality and are really a way for Apple to make a lil’ more $$$.

Where’s the love for your core supporters, Steve? Where’s the flash support and wireless sync functionality we’ve been begging for? Personally, I would not forgive this transgression for anything less than a $50 iTunes gift certificate.

50 bucks from iTunes? C’mon, Daniel… think big! How ’bout a $100 credit toward anything Apple? ArsTechnica‘s Jacqui Cheng has the scoop:

Those who purchased iPhones before yesterday’s “The Beat Goes On” event will be able to get a $100 credit to the Apple Store as compensation for their early-adopting ways, said Apple CEO Steve Jobs today.

In a letter addressed to “all iPhone customers” on Apple’s website, Steve Jobs defended the decision to drop the 8GB iPhone’s price from $599 to $399 less than two months after the device went on sale. The announcement, while met with some excitement, was also greeted with much gnashing of teeth by those who consider themselves the most loyal to the company. “iPhone is a breakthrough product, and we have the chance to ‘go for it’ this holiday season,” Jobs wrote. “iPhone is so far ahead of the competition, and now it will be affordable by even more customers.”

[...] Despite the fact that Apple feels it made the correct decision at the correct time, the company acknowledges that it has heard the complaints of the early-adopting crowd. Jobs said that a $100 store credit toward the purchase of any product in Apple retail stores or the online store would be awarded to anyone who bought an iPhone through Apple or AT&T (provided they paid full price, that is). Details of the offer are not yet available, but will be posted to Apple’s website within the next week, he said.

Well, it seems like just last week — maybe because it was just last week — that Bloglines, the popular RSS reader, was making waves with the release of Bloglines Beta, which is expected to give Google Reader a run for its money.

For a bit of background, let’s refer to Read/Write Web‘s Richard McManus’s Bloglines Beta review from August 26th:

Bloglines Beta is the first stage of “a complete redesign of the Bloglines service”. The new features include a new personalizeable Start Page (featuring drag and drop functionality to add feeds); 3 feed reading views (Quick View with headlines only, 3-Pane View for an email-like interface, and Full View for “the classic Bloglines page layout, updated”); Drag-and-drop feed management using Ajax; and a new Unread System to manage what to keep and what to ignore. Also upgraded are the ‘Add Feeds’ process and the ‘Full View’ option.

McManus goes on to give an exhaustive review, with screenshots, but here’s what he had to say about some of the basic pros and cons of Bloglines Beta:

Can Bloglines regain the support of the early adopter crowd and the thousands of other fans it used to have (and perhaps still does)? My first impressions are of a slick new RSS Reader interface – and it actually seems faster than Google Reader, which does have its quirks. The Bloglines Start Page is fantastic and will allow me to keep tabs on the feeds that are most important to me. The drag and drop touches are excellent, and the Ajax is very smooth and relevant.

To the cons — at this point I’m not sure about the way Beta Bloglines shows folders. With Google Reader, it lists out the entire content of the folder (e.g. 15 feeds) as a list of post titles. But with Beta Bloglines, you get the Start Page interface showing each feed separately (see below). I prefer the big list a la Google Reader. Likewise the Beta Bloglines 3-pane view is a little awkward when dealing with folders.

Now, if you were Google CEO Eric Schmidt, would you just allow this to happen? Of course not… TechCrunch‘s Duncan Riley reports that Google Reader already has its groove back:

The most popular online RSS reader (depending on what stats you believe) just got better. Google has announced that Google Reader now has search.

The search box is located directly above the reading panel to the right of the Google Reader logo. Users can search all subscribed feeds or search by category/ tag.

Google Readers biggest competitor Bloglines recently released a completely new version that has been getting positive coverage; adding search to Google Reader (a feature Bloglines has had since May 2006) shines the spotlight back in Google’s direction.

It may be completely unrelated, but at the time of writing anyway Google Reader is experiencing difficulties with showing read/ unread items in the reading panel, showing all items as unread since roughly the same time search went live. The sidebar list of tags though is working fine.

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  1. [...] disappeared today. So much for its e-commerce potential. Who knew in advance? Apple “iPwnd” the first iPhone customers. OK, they’ve backtracked, but, jeez, what a miserable thing to [...]

  2. Well, flash is apparently being worked on and hopefully we’ll see that as part of firmware updates.

  3. well, OS 3 is here and no sign of flash yet..

  4. I couldn’t believe that they did that price cut immediately after release, I am glad they ended up offering discounts to those that were taken.

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