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Friday, Sep. 7, 2007 at 10:13 am

Anyone Else Sick of Esurance?

By Robert Gorell
September 7th, 2007

For all I know, is a great company. But their commercials are polluting my brain.

Take a look:

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A few thoughts:

  • The name is, like, totally “1.0″. You’re not eBay. The only companies that should be allowed to be E-anything are ones that can wear it as a badge of honor for surviving the digital gold rush.
  • Do I really need “Erin Esurance” to save me from car-destroying, football-playing, thin-ice-skating robots if buying insurance can be done between latte sips? Besides, her real competition consists of talking geckos and metrosexual cavemen.
  •‘s ads are funny because they present insurance as a mundane necessity that shouldn’t get in the way of your life. In fact, they’re just trying to save you time and money — maybe (i.e., “Just 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance”). Esurance’s Unique Value Proposition seems to be that they’re cute, oh-so-online, eco-friendly — because they somehow save trees/paper — and it’s as easy as “Quote, Buy, Print!” Nonsense. Their quote process is just as cumbersome as anyone else’s in their industry. I counted about 8 steps that I could see without putting in my personal information.
  • Erin’s Secret Diary blog is ridiculous. It’s great that they’re involved with environmental issues, but honestly… who can read this crap? “Dr. Botanicus?” Really?
  • Sorry, but “Quick, get in the hybrid!” is one too much.
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Comments (13)

  1. Good point…I wasn’t exactly sure why these ads are such a turn-off, but you managed to break down why. Nice.

  2. Im pretty happy with my car insurance… but if ever have a run in with an ice skating robot I’ll know who to call.

  3. Ya and personally I hate the ongoing “make guys look like dopes” thing…

  4. That pink-haired girl is my new “Jessica Rabbit” cartoon heartthrob! She’s a doll! Don’t talk bad about my girl! ;-)

  5. Buying insurance is certainly not a joyous thing to do, but we all have to buy it. I cringe every time I see the advertising for esurance, and just when I thought the talking Gekko was a new low in advertsising. It makes me wonder what these guys are thinking? And even more thought provoking, who are they targeting?

  6. At least the gekko brings a chuckle. This cartoon approach makes me wonder if they’re not attempting to indoctrinate the little ones way ahead of time. Actually, I watched the commercials for quite a while before I realized what they were actually advertising.

  7. Same with countrywide home loans. To much frequency. I’m gonna buy 10 houses, and have ‘em financed with 10 different companies.

  8. Esurance claim vehicles really DO drive Hybrids.

    Mo Mellady
    voice of Erin Esurance

  9. I like these commercials–don’t hate!

  10. this explains why
    I found this site that seems to be posted from employees of Esurance.

  11. Esuarance does not have what it takes to sell insurance. We had nothing but problem with the service, payments, and cancellations. I will never deal with them again and if I can help I will never let my friends or enemies buy insurance from them.

  12. I don’t care about the advertizing. With gas as high as it is I want the best price possible (for everything). Esurance saved me almost $150 over Geico. Compare before you buy and talk to someone in person on the phone.

  13. Haha, good points. It seems like there are so many commercials like this now, especially for insurance companies! I suppose it helps people remember the company and gets people writing about it.

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