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Wednesday, Sep. 19, 2007 at 6:03 pm

Blog Buzz: Google’s Advertising Shakeup; iPhones in Deutschland

By The Grok
September 19th, 2007

gadget_ads.jpgHere’s some big news. It seems there’s this startup called “Google” that’s trying to dominate advertising. Apparently, nobody’s told them they’re just another search engine. For instance, today they launched Google Gadget Ads — basically, a micro-site’s brain in a banner ad’s body — in order to widgetize the customer experience to fit in just about any environment. Oh, and they’ve hired a top Ogilvy exec to focus on digital marketing and advertising strategies.

The gadget ads

Spelling it out for us on the Google Operating System blog, Alex Chitu insists that…

Because most of the normal gadgets can be embedded into a web page and many people already use iGoogle, the gadget ad will be a familiar presence. “Google Gadget Ads are nearly identical to Google Gadgets, except that they run as rich media ads on the Google content network. By adding a small bit of code called a click URL to your Google Gadget, the gadget becomes a Google Gadget Ad, capable of running as an ad on thousands of content network sites. Otherwise, the two can be identical in their basic construction and content.” This way, Google also solved the problem of monetizing iGoogle in a clever way: users will voluntary add gadget ads to the homepage and interact with them. The ads won’t be perceived as annoying because you chose to include them in your homepage.

Marketing Pilgrim shows a great example of an Intel ad, with this bit of commentary from Andy Beal:

Is it any surprise that Google is keen to monetize widgets? There’s more than enough widgets being pumped out onto the web, with comScore reporting their popularity growth. And there are also plenty of evidence that advertising in widgets works–companies like LinkShare, PopShops, and ShareASale are already in the space.

So, if you’re already sick of seeing gadgets/widgets all over the web, prepare yourself. Now that advertisers have a solid advertising platform to monetize them, you can expect to see a whole lot more.

The big hire

Andy BerndtAdvertisingAge reports that Andy Berndt has joined Google.

[...] Berndt, co-president of Ogilvy & Mather’s New York office, has left his post at the agency to go to Google, where hewill helm a new global unit dedicated to collaborating with marketers, agencies and entertainment companies.

[...] There has been much speculation over the past year whether Google would try to get into the agency business. The new global unit isn’t being called an agency, but any unit offering creative consultation and account services could be considered one. Interestingly, Google had been trying to lure more creative talent to the company over the past year, according to ad industry executives familiar with the search giant.

Microsoft, meanwhile, recently bought its way into the agency business with its $6 billion purchase of aQuantive, parent company to agency Avenue A/Razorfish. When asked whether it would shed the agency after the purchase, Microsoft was adamant that it liked the business.

Commenting on the story, John Battelle insists “Google is setting itself up as a full service advertising company. And that means client services and creative innovation.”

The 411

Not to be outdone by itself for the second day in a row, Google has also begun promoting itself offline. With billboards. Search Engine Land has the scoop, with pictures of the distinctly non-interactive ads for the free 800-GOOG-411 service.

T-Punkt BerliniPhones… for Steve Jobs… and Germany…

BusinessWeek tells us that Germans can now overpay for an iPhone. They’re 399 Euro (that’s $557 for you American refund snobs). They’re available via T-Mobile. If you’re in Berlin, that’s all you really need to know.

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