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Netflix Reads Grok, Blockbuster Misses Opportunity

Posted By Ronald Patiro On September 24, 2007 @ 10:52 am In A/B Testing,Improving Conversion,Landing Page Optimization | 7 Comments

To follow up on my last post about Netflix [1] — and its probable loss of conversion on its homepage — we’d like to congratulate them on taking action on our advice. It seems they’ve implemented my first recommendation. Well, almost. Instead of changing the “coupon box” to a search box, they removed it entirely. I’m not sure if they’re testing, getting rid of coupon codes, or if they plan on putting in a search box in a follow-up test. Regardless, it’s a step in the right direction.

Capitalizing on Competitors’ Conversion Challenges

Meanwhile, Blockbuster missed a huge opportunity. Netflix’s coupon box mess was a huge opportunity for Blockbuster — if they were sharp enough to notice this competitive advantage — to woo customers, and likely keep them for years.

One possibility for Blockbuster would’ve been to use its “employee discount” leek as mentioned at HackingNetflix.com [2]. To capitalize on its competitor’s conversion problems, they only needed to purchase PPC ads for “Netflix coupon,” where they could’ve offered Netflix [3] customers a Blockbuster coupon on a customized landing page. As of today, only five ads currently appear on Google for that search term.

Moral of the story: Follow your competitors [4]. Look for their conversion mishaps, and capitalize on them.

Reading Future Now’s GrokDotCom won’t hurt, either ;)




Netflix_Removes_Coupon_Box_After.jpg [5]

P.S. — Blockbuster [6] (BBI), are you paying attention?

P.P.S. — Got a coupon code for me, Netflix? ;)

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