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Thursday, Sep. 27, 2007 at 2:06 pm

Fight for Kisses

By John Quarto-vonTivadar
September 27th, 2007

A geek buddy passed along a link to an interesting video clip today, commenting on how it was “such good marketing”. Now, anytime I hear a techie say this, I’m pretty much assured it’ll be *bad* marketing — or no marketing at all, just a good advertisement. (Hell, that’s a whole other post.)

Anyway, human nature being what it is, I perked right up; everyone likes to gawk at a car wreck.

I don’t want to say much specifically until you’ve had a chance to watch this yourself — am I’m helping to make it viral? — but give a look-see and let me know your reaction.

Don’t read any further until you watch this video:

(If video doesn’t load, click here.)

OK, now you’ve seen it. This brought up a few points for me:

First, it felt a little longer than expected, didn’t you think? I figured once I saw the ad for the Quattro — a name I’m fond of for obvious reasons — we were near the end. But no, it continues for some time past that. And the ending gave me a bit of a surprise, as I had only a hint of a feeling we were dealing with a game.

Second, even at the end when the game nature became clear, I kept thinking Shick Quattro was probably just a commercial sponsor.

Third, I actually went through the bother of going to the main site for this beast, Other than commenting on how extraordinarily painful it was to wait for this site to load — close to 2 minutes on a broadband connection!? — it turns out the razor itself is one of the characters in the game. So, Quattro isn’t just a commercial sponsor of a game; it seems Shick actually produced the game as theater for showing off its product. Well, that “shortened my leash” on how much I’ll allow this game to shave minutes off my valuable free time.

Finally, let me defend my geek: The clip was entertaining. But if marketing were entertainment, every day would be the Super Bowl.

The funny thing is, although I’m curious to see the game in play, I’m not terribly excited about the prospects of playing it.

What about you? Are you interested in this product, or were you simply entertained by the video clip? Do you have a passion to fight for kisses?

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Comments (27)

  1. I’m not really tempted to go there but I’d love to know if the mom grows a beard in this game.

  2. So, once the site opens you can download the game, but it’s a 100Mb! They’re not playing around. So, now I’m just doing this for academic purposes. I’ll let you know how the game play is.

  3. I, too, went to the main site after viewing the video. Not really interested in playing the game, but I found it interesting that it’s for Wilkinson (who you call Shick)and that the blades are made of Titanium?! Whoa!
    So how much is this powerful razor that will win me back my wife?

  4. I think the real power in this advertisement is it deals with a sensitive issue in a humorous, approachable manner. The idea that men and babies are competing for a woman’s attention is fact. Just look at the sex statistics of couples with a young child.

    Of course, no one really wants to bring this strange fruedian issue. This comerical makes light of it, while possibly hitting home with some men.

  5. David, I definitely agree it’s humorous. I just dont see where there’s any marketing power here at all, especially when it comes to selling razors…selling razors by playing a game featuring a Oedipal razor.

    Yes, men and babies compete for a woman’s attention, but the sort of attention each needs is vastly different. I don’t have a uterus so I’ve got no idea how stressful a young mother’s life could be, but it that a young father’s learning to shave in a cold shower might help.

    As for the Freudian part, you must be referring to the razor which symbolizes a …. well, let’s just say sometimes a razor is just a razor. But with a product called a “Quattro”, wouldn’t the huband better be drawn to a symbol where he imagines himself armed with an Octo? That Ron Jeremy sure gets a smooth shave!

    And I’m still waiting to hear from Chris about how the game played.

  6. entertaining? yes
    confusing? yes. I also assumed it was a Schick commercial halfway in…then was befuddled that it was a game.

    So in the game am I the dad or the baby? Because I’d imagine more dad’s would be playing than infants…yet the infant was portrayed as the cooler character?!

  7. I grew a beard waiting for the commercial to end.

  8. Your article is what made it interesting, but the whole video/game/ad thing is so dumb,that after watching it, i was left all confused and wondering… WHAt?? THE.. It was indeed a waste of my time. I think the only people that may find it cute, are young mothers, and I doubt that too. But other than that, is like whatever.

    Overall video is really dumb and annoying, and I didn’t care for the game at all since i feel is base on the same dumb thing. And also I hated that mean baby.

  9. The commercial is hilarious, a bit long though. I think it would have been structured better for the product being the Schick Quattro as the payoff. I.e. Baby gets attention, wakes up one day, gets no attention, is extremely confused, fights back (enter all the training scenes), steps up to the fight only to reveal the husbands secret weapon….the Schick Quattro.

    I also think that the call to action was misdiagnosed. The website is horrible in terms of conversion. HAD to be available. While I was typing I kept thinking that I was unsure of spelling wilkinson correctly. Also, the – should never be used in marketing a website.

    The final action they want you to take, download a game, is probably where most people would abondon this marketing process. Had this been an online game where you instanly get to karate kick dad as a baby, it would have been awesome.

    In terms of later posts on conversion:
    Download a game = “Click to read rest of the article”
    Play game instantly = “Click to continue”

  10. [...] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt [...]

  11. About the loading time, I think you have to consider the target audience. It’s the French, so they probably host in Europe. Loading took under 2s for me (on broadband obviously).
    I’m also intrigued by the “marketing”, considering the French target. Why is the main language in English? As far as I know, French people like their own language much better. And why am I misled about the language, going to the site suddenly gave me a French site that I didn’t expect.
    Third, howcome you didn’t rip on the fact that the game is downloadable instead of online playable? That must be the biggest conversion killer ever.

  12. Okay, well the advertisement intreagued me. But not from a razor standpoint… My sister sent me the link because the trailer is funny. I have a child on the way, and yes, I can relate to the story line. But based on the trailer the GAME looked like it might be funny and entertaining. I have a Gillette Fusion Razor, and I’m not about to switch to another expensive razor simply because the company took the time to create a game. I DO give them credit for creating an amusing advertisement, but put it on TV… not the internet. The download only took me about 4 minutes with cable broadband. Installing and playing in french was a small pain, but moreover, the game is simply Mortal Kombat with a twist. I would like to see Electronic Arts get their hands on the concept and create a Half Life-like game with a more commedic story line (like this one). I’d buy it. As for Schick, thanks for the entertainment, but sorry no razor for me.

  13. I never bother to play these games any more – I’ve been disappointed too many times to waste another click.

    As for the commercial itself the I liked the baby’s fighting and training but I kept thinking ‘somebody in production is really into this martial arts thing and they’re just showing off…’

    When I finally figured out what the ad was for I thought ‘a freakin’ RAZOR?’ I’ve got the damn Quattro and it shaves close but the whole premise of having a beard as soft as a baby’s skin is’ll never happen! my inclination is to just shake my head and dismiss the ad as a pitiful weak attempt to influence my buying dollar. (I got the Quattro as a freebie in the mail six months ago as part of a promotion – and I kept it because it was better than my then-current razor).

    “…such good marketing…”


  14. Guy gets girl back, happy ending. Why bother with the game?

  15. Nice comments from everyone, but I especially love this line from Ruben: “…howcome you didn’t rip on the fact that the game is downloadable instead of online playable? That must be the biggest conversion killer ever.”

    Great point! Although, the biggest conversion killer of all is likely that they haven’t persuaded most of us that we should bother to care about the game in the first place. Still, many of us would probably be tempted (against our better judgment) if they’d just make it an online game, instead of a long-winded teaser for a forgettable URL.

  16. I saw this the other day and thought it was hilarious. I have no interest whatsoever in playing the game.

    I think this could have been launched as a viral video in and of itself … with no drive to the game. For that matter, with no drive period. Just a funny video branding a cool product.

  17. I guess that’s the part I really want to explore… what sort of “branding” is it, if it’s not actionable or does not create ‘state of mind’ (here, something along the lines of “the next time I want a super smooth shave — as smooth as a baby’s skin — I’ll should check out the Quattro”)?

    I’m absolutely agreeing that the video is funny and that the product itself is superior (having used it previously — althought it’s superiority seems to come from having the 4 blades so I presume any razor that has 4 blades would also shave as smooth). What I really want to concentrate on is measuring how the video leads to sales.

    Is anyone really gung-ho that the video created any mind-share for razors?

  18. This is my first click through after seeing Grok dot com mentioned a couple of times, buying both books, currently reading Call to Action. The video on this site stuttered – if it wasnt that I like your message so much I would have been “out of here” it is only your Brand power that kept me here, it took a good few mins for it to come down starting and stopping and I’m on broadband in prague at the moment.

    didnt like it found it distasteful to portray a baby in this way, guess I am one of the people that are offended by the marketting and am put off while it appeals to the masses

  19. Alistair,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. I actually think you bring up a really important point. This is an embedded video and not on our servers. We have no way of controlling if it stuttered or not. I think most people forget that even when you embed someone else’s content on your website that people will view it as yours if it doesn’t respond properly. We’ll see if there is an alternative source for the video.

  20. I found it interesting that there are not very many women commenting on this video. I thought it was hilarious! But not interested at all in a game or going to a new site. I agree I think it should just be a video and nothing more. Obviously it’s not a product geared towards me but they sold me. If it was a commercial i think it would create sales. After all advertising is not just about being actionable or creating state of mind. It’s about creating an ad that keeps the product in the mind of the consumer when it is time to spend the money. Razors are great stocking stuffers. As a women if I was in the razor isle trying to make a purchase for someone of the opposite sex i would not be thinking “which razor will make his skin the smoothes” I will think “that video was funny”.

  21. Of course I’d consider this commercial hilarious as well! Though I’d agree with some it’s maybe a bit loooong… In terms of the audiovisual creativity, all the animation itself seems to me quite new and original for the category… and that’s exactly the point I want to emphasize. Much respect for those PMs and Marketing Departments who try to evolve the communication of a category whose marketing and advertising paths look simply ‘old style’, always-the-same stuff, and of course very very boring in my modest opinion… or do we still prefer Beckham itself being the image of ‘The Best for Men’?
    I also think the selling line ‘Your Skin as soft as Baby’s’ is perfectly written down from a men’s deep insight perspective… at least I’d love to have my skin as soft as Baby’s now in my old 20s, and 30s and 40s and…
    Congratulations for your amazing grokdotcom… very inspirational! Cheers from Barcelona!

  22. The commercial is enormously entertaining, but my bet is it will be completely ineffective. I won’t speak to the game b/c I won’t download/play it.

    The commercial misses the mark b/c they target a consumer pain point that, while it may be factual, is one that a male consumer would never admit to himself. Why talk about how your product solves a problem that the customer would never admit to having?

  23. I thought the trailer was sooo cute being the mother of three but the game sucks. Played it before leaving a comment. Don’t waste the time. The game is shut down now and the music is still playing. It has a bunch of glitches and the game is poorly done. the controls are horrible too. As for the trailer. I don’t think that schick has anything to do with it because their name is not anywhere on it. It is just the wilkinson swords thing. I would say it is just some kind of a rip off thing.

  24. I just love the idea that 13 comments, plus me reading them equals additional advertising. Considering all the well thought out chatter, would appear the commercial did what it was intended to do!

  25. We react to thoughts with a smile, express love with words and intentions with a kiss… Intention that is friendly when you kiss someone.

  26. Realy funny but there is no such thing for fight for kisses the game i’ve looked it up

  27. i think this could have been launched as a viral video in and of itself … with no drive to the game. For that matter, with no drive period. Just a funny video branding a cool product.

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