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Yahoo Launches Search Assist, Gets No Respect

Posted By Robert Gorell On October 2, 2007 @ 5:55 pm In Blog Buzz,Search Engine Marketing,Web / Tech | 1 Comment

I'll bet my caddy on it...Ever feel like Yahoo’s the Rodney Dangerfield of Search? I tell ya, they’re the the #1 site on this Intertron thing, and still… No respect.

Their latest soon-to-be-overshadowed endeavor, Yahoo! Search Assist, includes an advanced version of the predictive keyword results the major search engines are using, and improved video and Flickr photo search integration.

Here’s what Yahoo’s Yodel Anecdotal blog [1] had to say:

With this launch, we took some liberties with the search box itself, turning it into an interactive experience that senses when you need a hand. In a dropdown window on our home page and on our results page, Yahoo! Search Assist [2] provides both query suggestions as you type as well as related concepts you can explore to get you to your answer by just pointing and clicking. Try it with searches like “energy savings” [3] to see what we mean. In testing Search Assist, we found that users were 61% more successful in completing their task with this new search feature at their disposal.

For instance, notice the relevant “concepts” that display when I search for our pal, Bryan:

Searching for Bryan Eisenberg [4]

Pretty cool, right? And I’m sure Bryan’s wife and kids will be proud to know Yahoo wuvs him (see third result down, on the left).

But is it a “Google killer”? Really? Search Engine Journal‘s Loren Baker thinks so. Or does he? In a post called (*achem*) “Yahoo Search Launches Google Killer [5],” Baker implies that it is, then gives the most comprehensive analysis we’ve seen of it so far, then says, oh, by the way, it’s not.

Is the new Yahoo Search a Google killer? More than likely not. The new Yahoo Search may win some converts over from Google or help with a bit of marketshare, but ideally the new Yahoo Search Assist will result in assisting the happiness factor of Yahoo users and searchers who are not used to finding what they are looking for via conventional searching methods.

OK, so maybe I’m nitpicking because, honestly, enough already with the tech blogging world’s insistence on calling everything the next “something-or-other killer.” Besides, at this point, Yahoo should be thankful that Yahoo’s not a Yahoo killer.

How ’bout this zinger from the first person to comment [6] on the Yodel Anecdotal announcement:

“Great! Welcome back to the search industry… “

I tell ya… No respect.

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