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Thursday, Oct. 4, 2007

The “My Hyperlink Can Beat Your Hyperlink” Contest (Winners just announced… )

By Robert Gorell
October 4th, 2007

hyperlink_contest.jpgGrokDotCom’s got a lot of nerve when it comes to testing links. We told you — ever so subtly — to stop being a “more on.” Then we questioned the value of using generic calls to action (e.g, “click here“). Sure, we’ve shared our formula for writing persuasive links, but that doesn’t excuse flaunting our clients’ landing page optimization results. So, we’d like to make it up to you. It’s your turn to put the experts to the test.

With the help of our esteemed colleagues, Copyblogger Brian Clark & SEOmoz founder Rand Fishkin, five winners will have a single link tested on the landing page of their choice. The goal is simple. We want to show how words alone can make a big impact on conversion, and to help you make more money online. The contest is free. Anyone, in any industry, can enter.

Here’s how it works

  • Just comment on this post or the ones like it at Copyblogger and SEOmoz, linking us to the landing page you want tested and telling us why you should win.
  • Judges Brian Clark, Rand Fishkin & Bryan Eisenberg will choose 5 winners.
  • To be eligible, contestants must have clear metrics and analytics in place, the ability to test (Google Website Optimizer is free, so no excuses), and the willingness to implement our suggestions.
  • Contestants must have enough traffic to yield valid test results.
  • For each of our winners, the judges will select a single link to be tested, then agree on three variations of that call to action (a.k.a., anchor link).

Don’t be shy. We usually charge for this stuff. Besides, we’re not perfect. Look at all these contest titles the Grok team already burned through:

  • Contest: Verbal V i @ g r a for Impotent Links
  • The “My Hyperlinks Were 98 lb Weaklings” Contest
  • Content: “Click Here” vs.”Click Where?”
  • The “Can Your Hyperlink Do This Contest?” Contest
  • Bragging Rights for Great Hyperlink Writers

So, if you have a better suggestion for a title, or would actually like to enter the contest, let’s hear it in the comments…

UPDATE: Regarding traffic, we’re looking for landing pages with 2,000 visitors per day, but we’ll consider pages with 1,000+ visitors per day.

[Winners will be announced Thursday, October 11th. Results and analysis of the winners' hyperlink tests will be posted a few weeks later. We're shooting for October 31st -- Halloween.]

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Comments (29)

  1. [...] your specific copy that will help you make more money. And I’m one of the judges of that My Hyperlink Can Beat Your Hyperlink [...]

  2. I personally like the call to action for your free newsletter sign up. :)

  3. Thanks! Too bad we’re talkin’ text links, not call to action buttons, or we’d at least have a chance to take on the “submit” crowd. (It’s not what it sounds like — which is exactly the problem.) But that’s a different challenge altogether…

    Now, this is a call to action text link: Instruct your web browsing software application to engage this hyperlink in order to retrieve more information from Copyblogger.

    Not the most original, but everyone must be doing it for a reason, right? ;)

    Nice of you to “Share your comments and questions,” Brian. :)

  4. Well, I wish I had better sites for you to look at right now!

    But here’s my neglected acupuncture site which mainly sells my book… – it still gets about 10,500 pageviews per month, 821 went to the book preview (a sales letter I’m not proud of). I’m sure more people could be convinced to go to that page.

    Or my new bare bones version of my AdWords consulting service at but, while at my recent corporate job, I neglected to market it, so it only gets about 120 visitors a week. It might be too young in its new skin to be tested.


  5. Way to go on this cool concept!

    I would participate, but not much interested in putting analytics or anything else on my (“world’s longest”)squeeze page that might slow down the server for visitors.

    I also don’t like to “brag” about how much my free members love my copywriting interviews or my colorful website, so I guess I’m out of the picture. ;0)

    I hope you know I say these things in jest (hehehe).

    Love you guys… keep up the excellent work!

    Wish you all the BEST that life has to offer.

  6. Hi, so far I’ve managed to place pretty good for
    a commonly used keyword in my market.
    I had a very good consultant (Mike Litman) help me
    with marketing my site follows the three C concept.
    (capture, collect, communicate). My copy seems to do pretty well, as it follows a long copy “sales” type thing, but I could use your feedback too if possible. Thanks!

  7. If only I had a large enough site to attempt entering this contest. Good luck to everyone, regardless.

  8. “Win your own Free Killer Hyper-link, Competition ends soon”

    This page converts at less than 2%, so should I redirect to a copy of the current newsletter? and rely on its quality to gain a sign-up.

    Perhaps I should dump the form and make it a very simple squeeze page, name & email.

    I’m in the process of putting a new site together, the new look is a little less corporate and not so generic, there are more than 1500 versions of this contact us page around the internet at the moment.

    Consequently I’d be a great test subject as we can share our results with all my associates and send them flocking to your sites through your own killer hyperlink in our weekly newsletter.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Regards, Brendan

  9. [...] your specific copy that will help you make more money. And I’m one of the judges of that My Hyperlink Can Beat Your Hyperlink [...]

  10. I’d love to test links to my site

    The requirement for sufficient traffic for the test is a big vague though. Is it 100 visitors a day, or 10,000?

  11. How about challenging our buttons with your text links…

    I’d like to see what magic you could weave on this page

    We already get quite good conversion rates, but I’ve never been totally happy with the calls to action on the buttons.

    Do you think by changing to text links you could beat them?

  12. HI all,

    I lost my time for blogging a few months ago (new job far away, lead to new house far away etc etc). I have now spent some time looking at ‘behind the scenes’ things and want to get back into it all.

    On saturday i decided to create a page for my stumbleupon advertising campaign users to land on more than anything else. Its very bland really, but I feel it will do the trick.

    Having this page reviewed would be the perfect way to prepare my landing page before I launch my campaign properly, it would also give me a really good start getting back into the world of blogging :)

    I also face issues with how and where I promote my blog, due to the delicate subject it covers. This makes it hard to promote in a lot of respects.

  13. I would really like the links on this page tested. these are audio samples for people to listen to.

    these are video links for people to watch video samples of the product.


  14. Hi,

    We would love to see you work with this landing page of ours:

    We have tested and retested, and found that imagery works quite well, and haven’t yet been able to come up with a better landing page than this.

    Seeing that you:
    “want to show how words alone can make a big impact on conversion, and to help you make more money online”

    We think that this is a perfect challenge to prove us wrong and show that words are key to persuasion-oriented marketing.

    We have metrics aplenty, enough traffic to make for a balanced test and would love to be in on this conversion challenge!

  15. Hi there,

    I would like to test this site:

    Carpet Protector by Plasticover

    …but I am not clear on that the requirements are.

  16. We would love to test this page.

    We took the site from 7,000 monthly visitors to 120,000 monthly visitors, and the sales have increased by about 1000% over the last 2 years.

    However, the conversion rate for the page is only around 1%.

    We should win because our client (and our other clients as well) would love it. We are very good at SEO and driving traffic for our clients, but we haven’t focused much on conversion rates. It’s about time to start.

    We have clear metrics and analytics in place, the ability to test, and the willingness to implement your suggestions.

    If 3,000+ visitors a day to the site and 750+ visitors a day to that page isn’t enough traffic, we can suggest pages for other clients.

    We would love to be included and would be extremely willing to cooperate in any way required.

  17. Hello:

    I appreciate this article. I am building a simple website which will be the “call to action” site readers of my upcoming article and press releases will go to to obtain a “Special Report.”

    I have inserted the following H2 headlines, which are obviously are not LINKS… but the same concept applies because it leads to a “call to action” by either submitting merchant info via a toll-free phone or online form.

    See How Your Enterprise Can Start
    Converting $1,000′s Immediately

    Stop Finance Declines from Walking Out Your Door
    to Find Help Elsewhere

    Glypius score: 357

    Thank you for an article which rises to the occasion of “Where’s the Beef?”.

    I hope this small anecdote proves helpful as well.


  18. You can certainly take a look at increasing my conversion rates by improving link text.

    I get several thousand visitors per month – nearly half of which proceed to get a quote (the first step of the order process). I lose a very high percentage on the registration/login page (working on removing this) and basically everyone who gets past this page puts in their credit card and orders. I have Google Analytics and Goals defined. So just need to get more people clicking through from the quote page (and removing the registration page!)


    Phillip Perks

    PS. My pricing and turnaround times are some of the most competitive in the industry and quality is at least as good as the competition.

  19. A couple points of clarification:

    - This competition is meant for text link calls to action, but we will consider landing pages with call to action buttons as well. (Keep in mind, though, that the judges are the ones who will choose which call to action to swap out.)

    - We’re hoping to pick landing pages with about 2k visitors per day. We are willing to make exceptions, but we all have to be reasonable or it will take too long to run the tests and report back on everyone’s results (especially if you want to see results by Halloween or soon thereafter). Sorry, but 100 visitors/day is too low to produce valid results in this time-frame.

    And one more thing: WOW! We’re loving all these submissions. Keep ‘em coming! Just a few days before we announce the winners… :)

  20. [...] is the last day for you to enter the contest formerly known as the "My Hyperlink Can Beat Your Hyperlink" contest. (Sorry about the confusing name-change. We're testing different headlines. But [...]

  21. I am an entrepreneurial small business owner of an online hardware tool and supply company located at
    I need all the free and paid help I can receive to create a successful online ecommerce business.

  22. [...] "Click click here to read FAQ" — You don't need to have entered our hyperlink contest to know why that's [...]

  23. [...] the week since we announced the "My Hyperlink Can Beat Your Hyperlink" contest, many of you have been kind — and brave — enough to share your online [...]

  24. I have audio samples for customers to listen to. Since it is an Audio Bibble site, I have Bible chapters so people can listen to the audio before they purchase. My improved calls to action have been along the lines, “Listen to God create the Heavens and the Earth, Genesis 1″. I like the word ‘listen’ OK, but wondered about the word ‘hear’ instead, I actually thought ‘listen’ was passive and ‘hear’ was a more active verb. After talking with a friend of mine, he suggested ‘play’. I even think ‘Play’ is a stronger verb.

    What does anyone else think?

    Your opinion is welcomed…..

  25. Hi,

    This is a fascinating concept. Why not doing it again?

  26. Great contest… I really missed out a great competition :(

  27. I appreciate this article. I am building a simple website

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