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Top “Dot Bomb” Era Websites — Where Are They Now?

Posted By Bryan Eisenberg On October 9, 2007 @ 6:16 pm In Metrics,Research | 4 Comments

compete_logo.jpgEarlier this morning, our team was waxing on about Google’s (GOOG) record share price [1], and whether the company would maintain its dominance for years to come. We got to talking about big-shot online players of the past, and I mentioned that a lot of the top sites from years ago are now either gone or, worse, forgotten. So, when I came across Max Freiert’s recent post on the Compete blog, “Internet Allstars ’01: Where are they now? [2]“, I felt vindicated.

compete_2001.jpg [3]As you can see, not only has almost every site on the list (save for Google and a few others) dropped considerably, there’s (obviously) no sign of many of today’s top players. No Facebook [4]. No MySpace [5]. No Wikipedia [6]. No Craigslist [7]. In fact, a lot of folks around here were surprised to see that Google came in at #12 — which seems pretty high, although this was when they started to get popular.

Say what you will about “attention” as a metric; it still shows that being the Web’s “next big thing” isn’t necessarily a goal worth having. (No offense to Neopets.com, but free cartoon screen saver downloads don’t quite have the “wow”-factor they used to.) Six trips around the Sun may not be a long time in human-years, but in Internet-years, it’s a lifetime.

When one company owns 40% of the market for online advertising, it’s just not sustainable (30% would be a much healthier number). Google may be one of the most important companies of this Internet era, but let’s face it: they don’t have the assets or a General Motors or the customer loyalty of, say, Wal-Mart. The other search engines are innovating [8] faster. And, let’s not forget, Microsoft will go to great lengths [9] to steal advertising market share [10].

Online, success means running a marathon, not sprinting to the top. As we’ve said since 2001, beware of selling yourself short on traffic [11].

What do you think? Will Google be the top dog in another six years?

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