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Monday, Oct. 22, 2007 at 12:29 pm

Girls Give Advertisers “The Flip”

By Holly Buchanan
October 22nd, 2007

3iying in AdAgeHeidi Dangelmaier has a problem.

Heidi runs 3iying, a marketing company that specializes in reaching girls age 15-25. I met with Heidi in her NYC offices last summer to talk about an exciting new idea she was working on. When Heidi speaks with agencies and companies targeting this group, she tells them about the less than stellar job current advertisers are doing trying to speak to girls. The problem is, these companies and agencies haven’t believed her.

So Heidi took it straight to the girls themselves.

“Flip It” is a series of videos where girls talk about ads and why, specifically, the ads are not relevant to them. It started with some girls around the office, but as word spread, Heidi had girls lining up out the door. A handful of examples has taken off into 400 videos and counting.

When I first heard the idea, I wondered, Will this really work? Will people listen to girls complaining about ads? Then I saw the videos, and I was blown away. (For the record, it’s very hard to impress me.) These girls are articulate, thoughtful, and the insight was flat out amazing.

So, how do girls age 15-25 really feel about ads that are targeting them? Taking my cue from Heidi, I’ll let them speak for themselves.

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Heidi and her team are not out to condemn advertising. They’re out to make it better.

3iying is not in the business of flipping. We are an all-girl strategic and creative think tank that helps mass-scale brands become more relevant to girls. 3iying offers our contribution to ending this gap. We cannot do it alone. The new millennium girls reflect a consumer shift that will lead generations to come. Their mindset cannot be ignored if we wish to keep our client’s brands alive and powerful and stop wasting their money.

Heidi Dangelmeir is my hero. The whole reason why I’m in the business of marketing to women is to create better marketing for them. Girls, like women of all ages, are bombarded by ads and images, day in and day out. At best, they’re annoying. At worst, they’re actively offensive. Keep in mind, these are ads targeted at this group. Marketers are spending millions of dollars to create ads that turn off perspective customers. Instead of connecting with customers, they’re proving just how disconnected from consumers they really are.

Heidi has found a brilliant way to give voice to how girls and women really feel. Are you listening?

Find out a few other reasons why 3iying is succeeding in understanding and communicating with 15-25 year-old girls.

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  1. Two words, VICTORIA’S SECRET.

    I just got their new catalogue for Christmas and it is utterly disgusting. After taking a gender studies class focusing on female sexuallity in advertising, I have found this catalogue to be the worst of any advertisment I have ever seen. It’s gross and is being marketed to exteremly young girls through their “PINK” line.

    Check it out if you can. Someone needs to do something. This company is over sexualizing our youth and giving them a terribly scewed outlook on what it means to be a woman.

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  3. Thanks Holly for bringing these to our attention. You would think by listening to some of these poignant testimonials that there are a lot of creatives out there who have never even seen a teenage girl – let alone spoken with one. It also brings home the fact that we need niche agencies who are wholly focused on Youth or other hugely important demographic segments – way to go 3iying. We also cover topics like “teen talk” check us out

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