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Thursday, Nov. 1, 2007 at 6:39 pm

Now Available: Bigger Logo… from a Cream!

By Robert Gorell
November 1st, 2007

A little dab is plenty...Here’s a rhetorical question: Ever get a well-intended yet ill-advised request from a client or customer? If so, you should try the brand-spanking new Make My Logo Bigger Cream.*

Taking a moment to answer a few questions between demo requests, here’s what Agency Fusion CEO Brett Derricott had to say about the campaign:

We’ve been working closely with designers and agencies for over 5 years now. Although we’re a technical company, we love being involved with creatives and our success has come from understanding their needs, tastes, frustrations, etc. So, this campaign is something of a tribute to designers for all of the headaches they experience at the hands of their sometimes-clueless clients.

The campaign is only 6 days old and we’re already over 100k unique visits (most of that traffic has been since Monday). We’ve had more than 350 demo requests and t-shirt sales are really picking up as well.

Agency Fusion hit on a very sticky topic among their target, designers. (A web designer friend sent me the link to yesterday, L’ing OL via instant messenger.) But they didn’t stop there. No, they kept using magic words to delicately switch the topic to how they can help the real problem.

Exhibit ‘A’

Exhibit ‘B’




Congratulations to Brett and the rest of the Agency Fusion team. You’ve given us all a great example of how combining a great concept with spot-on web copy and calls to action can fuse into a truly persuasive experience — without the big logo.

[*Results may vary. If bigger logo lasts more than four hours without boosting your conversion rate, seek marketing help immediately. A bigger logo may not be the best way to treat limp persuasion. Be sure to test your assumptions before insisting on "no white space," or using a ridiculously big logo, fluffy web copy, or fluorescent colors in general. Other rules and regulations may apply.]

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