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Thursday, Nov. 22, 2007 at 10:23 pm

A Commonly Overlooked Metric: “Thankfulness”

By The Grok
November 22nd, 2007

...everyone who enjoys GrokDotCom

Bryan Eisenberg

…marketing in an era when the customer is in greater control than ever. That businesses can ‘Always Be Testing’ (for free!). And, of course, for Hannah, Sammy & Stacey.

Cinde Johnson

…the fact that more e-tailers are coming to the realization that relevance, scent, and my buying process, are more important than their selling processes, and for making their sites more persuasive. (When you live in the “official” middle-of-nowhere, shopping online isn’t just a convenience, it’s a necessity!)

Holly Buchanan

…companies and marketers making more efforts to truly understand and communicate with their female customers. I fully believe this will lead to better results for marketers, and better results for women in general. When women are surrounded by advertising that doesn’t speak to them, isn’t relevant to them, where they don’t see themselves reflected, it’s a real problem.

Documentary filmmaker John Pilger once asked, “Does culture influence advertising, or does advertising influence culture?” I believe the answer is both. (Dove’s “Onslaught” video gives just a small taste of what it’s like to be surrounded by advertising to women.)

My hope is that in the near future, I can create video that is the opposite of “Onslaught” — that promotes all the thousands of ads that are relevant, inspiring, uplifting, and break through stereotypes. I’ll call it “Breakthrough.” I can’t wait to work on it.

Peter Lee

…all the people who now believe in the power of conversion optimization. You’re making my job much easier.

Marijayne Bushy

…an environment that fosters growth and learning, and provides me with an opportunity to help businesses and organizations of all variety and sizes. I’m grateful for colleagues who are supportive, intelligent, insightful, and prolific. And lastly, I’m grateful for our wonderful clients, who are open to new ideas, putting a new spin on old ones, and taking criticism in a positive light — and for those who’ve never hired us, yet use our free resources to dig deep and explore innovative ways to grow their organizations.

Howard Kaplan

…among other things, the Boston Red Sox for winning their second championship in 89 years.

Melissa Burdon

…the fact that people are finally seeing that they shouldn’t settle for a 2% conversion rate and are investing in conversion optimization before spending more budget on search. I’m thankful to Robert for editing my articles. I’m thankful for all the male employees at FutureNow. (But I’ll be even more thankful when we hire more females. :) ) Oh, and I’m thankful that the ski season starts this week!

Brian Bond

…analysis and metrics becoming a much bigger focus for marketers this year. I’m also thankful that Google finally launched a pay-for-performance ad model.

Robert Gorell

…our readers. In nine short months, you’ve helped transform a cool bi-monthly newsletter with several thousand subscribers into a top marketing blog with 100,000-ish repeat monthly seekers of knowledge. Thank you for stopping by. I’m thankful for everyone who shares their comments — you challenge our thinking and help us to (hopefully) give you a better GrokDotCom. You keep the conversation going. I’m thankful for our writers, whose insights never cease to impress me. And for all of the bloggers who inspire us. Because of you, good ideas keep spreading — quickly.

Anthony Garcia

…a lot of things, but especially my beautiful wife & children, my clients, our team, and anyone who’s kind enough to read this. Most of all this year, I’m thankful for one of my favorite emerging brands — my brand-new, burping-yet-gracious baby daughter.

John Q(uarto-vonTivadar)

…finding this cool Thanksgiving t-shirt to add to my collection!

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  1. I found your blog by mistake but I found your article very interesting. Thanks for sharing

  2. Does advertising influence culture or… I feel recessionary economics is driving advertising.

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