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Sunday, Nov. 25, 2007 at 10:11 am

Amazon’s Patented Lousy Service

By Bryan Eisenberg
November 25th, 2007

Techdirt reports that Amazon has been awarded a patent for Generating Current Order Fulfillment Plans Based on Expected Future Orders. Essentially, if Amazon deems that you won’t be a long-time customer or ordering again soon, your order will take longer to be expedited.”

This comes after Amazon snuck One-Click past the patent system by changing the word “a” to “the,” and adding the phrase “purchasable through a shopping cart model.” According to Slashdot, lawyers for Amazon “apparently managed to reinstate two of CEO Jeff Bezos’ 1-Click Patent claims that were rejected a month earlier.”

Once again, Jeff Bezos is making his mark on commerce.

Amazonian Customer Disservice

If you don’t get your order on time, just chalk it up to Amazon thinking you aren’t worth it as a customer. Do you think they’re doing this to prevent other companies from providing lousy service?

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Comments (5)

  1. Umm, maybe he is the smartest guy to patent something that most firms have been doing for years….

    Many service providers already have algorithms that priortize orders on these same criteria.

    The major cell phone providers will slot your order(s) based on the margin they make from the account.

    Direct TV handles customers different on their equipment and monthly bill.

    How about Costco with a multi-tier membership program with corresponding discounts.

  2. So I guess this means that the converse is also true…since I get exceptional service from Sprint I can asume that I am one of their ore prfoitable accounts and am probably paying way too much for more cell phone service!

    - Robert

  3. I used amazon to buy Lady Gaga’s album “The Fame” as it was advertised for £3, therefore I decided to buy it, however, as soon as I had bought it the price “magically” changed to £6.49, I was disgusted and appalled, theres a recession going on, I get paid £3.55 an hour, thats when I can get any work anyway. This is totally unfair, if anyone should be conned are those who con others, not me, I earn my money fairly and truthfully. This is disgusting and shouldn’t be allowed, they’re making millions because of this.

  4. Haha it’s not a con, just typical Rachel!

  5. I just had my first and last experience of “Amazon thinking you aren’t worth it as a customer.” To add insult to injury their outsourced customer service can only recite the rule book using policies that do not apply to the unique situation. Congratulations Amazon, you just lost a long term dedicated customer in one fell swoop.

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