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Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2007 at 10:04 am

Which Interface Do You Prefer?

By Bryan Eisenberg
November 27th, 2007

interface_survey.pngI stumbled across this interesting bit of interface research. The quiz guides you through a series of different interfaces and you choose whichever you prefer. At the end, it runs you through each individual result. Check it out and see how you do compared to the 10,000+ people who’ve already run through it.

How do you think Uncle Jakob would vote?

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Comments (12)

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  2. Submit/Cancel was a 50/50 split when I took it, with over 21,000 entries. That surprised me. What surprised me more was that people still have a “Cancel” button on forms.

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  4. Oh no! My website is all blues, and greens are preferred for “trust” by about 75% to 25%! And, I have to admit, I “trusted” the green site more myself. Time to make some changes?

  5. I don’t understand how green is deemed to be more trusworthy? Can someone help explain the psychology here?

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  7. I don’t think it’s simply a case of the green Jeremy, rather the overall look of those colours don’t match as well as the green do in that instance. A good designer could easily create a more professional looking website using only different shades of blue.

  8. Thanks Tom! I think part of my reaction to the green was my distaste for the shade of green being used.

  9. Cancel buttons are antiquated. The fact they were included is questionable. Why risk placing a cancel button on the page? The prospect could accidentally hit it instead of submit and the probably wouldn’t re-fill out the form.

    This is an interesting experiment though.

  10. Kristen and Jeremy I also don’t think the page being green is the issue. It has to do with how the two pages flow. The green page flows better together and the blue page is more choppy so the colors don’t flow well together.

  11. He would vote intelligently, like the scientist he is, scrutinizing the different images on his dual monitor hookup.

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