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Word of Mouth Down the Toilet

Posted By Bryan Eisenberg On November 30, 2007 @ 12:03 pm In Advertising,Multichannel Marketing,Word of Mouth | 8 Comments

When’s the last time you were out in public and had one of those must-go-now moments? You’re torn between embarrassment and physical agony. The panic’s rising. Perspiration beads on your forehead. What do you do? Hope the first store you walk into lets you use the employee-only washroom? (This usually works only if you are desperate and pregnant.) Lean into the stranger next to you as you turn beat red and whisper, “Where’s the nearest bathroom … it’s kinda urgent“?

One company empathizes with your predicament. Not only do they help you prevent those can’t-hold-it-in situations, they’ve created a great public service that puts public restrooms on the map and at your fingertips. Just go to http://imodium.com/page.jhtml?id=/imodium/include/3_5.inc [1]

“That was page-dot-what?” Yeah. See a major mistake here that’s just flushed a, um, boat-load of word-of-mouth marketing right down the toilet?

Of course you can awkwardly type this gibberish into your portable device and bookmark it. I would. But where do you really want that link living, on the road and off the computer? In memory!

When you’ve really really got to go, the only words going round and round in your head are: I need a bathroom! No “include-slash-three” about it! So use a domain name that reflects the need and helps market your product.

Give people – especially desperate people – something easy to remember and share. Here’s a compassionate, useful reference tool that is also a perfect place to promote a brand. So make it easy to share when the need is crucial. What a way to help people remember you were there when their need was … pressing.

I’ve registered NeedaBathroom.com. The nice people behind the bathroom finder [1] can contact me, and I’ll gladly transfer the domain. No cost. As a thank you, because you’ve done something good for the public. Whew!

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