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Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2007 at 8:25 pm

Happy Hour Branding: Dewar’s Toasts to “Repeal Day”

By Robert Gorell
December 5th, 2007

dewars_repeal_day2.jpg75 years ago to the day, U.S. citizens, in the midst of the not-so-roaring 1930′s, had their spirits lifted after a thirteen-year drought, otherwise known as the 18th Amendment. The nation’s prohibition of alcohol had backfired miserably.

Score one for supply and demand.

Indeed, prohibition was the best 21st birthday present our government could’ve possibly given to Al Capone. The mob made a killing on illegal booze. Lucky for them, too. Back in those days, all a wise guy had to do was open a speakeasy, grease a few coppers, and boom — even bathtub gin sold itself.

It’s hard to believe that if it weren’t for Dewar’s, this momentous occasion that is the anniversary of Repeal Day would be no more than another missed opportunity to market legal booze. Honestly, though, what a great thing to toast to! Not only can they make an honest buck selling it, but I can go spend an honest buck to drink it. (Must… finish… blog post… )

Take a peek at how Dewar’s brands Repeal Day on this newfangled internet TV the kids use…

(If video doesn’t load, click here.)

Apparently, founder John Dewar didn’t have his son Tommy’s charisma. Fair enough. Might as well use Tommy’s words instead. Regardless, this is a great ad. (YouTube, on the other hand… They’ll never make it. Online movin’ pictures? No way. Vaudeville, that’s the future!)

Dewar’s could definitely do much better with their Web strategy. Both the Repeal Day micro-site and their main website are WAY too dependent on Flash animation, the usability stinks, and there’s just too much friction in the experience. But that’s fancy business-talk, straight from ROI City; conversion rate, cash-on-the-table stuff, see. The marketers at Dewar’s have already done the hardest part of their job: They’ve reminded me that I’m free to give them my money.

And I will.

[Now, before I hear anything from you scotch snobs about how Dewar's doesn't compare to your brand, don't say a word unless you've tried their Aberfeldy reserve batch.]

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  1. I like Glenmorangie myself…

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