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This Year in Blogs: The Definitive Marketing Posts of 2007

Posted By The Grok On December 12, 2007 @ 6:16 pm In Blog Buzz,Blogs,Interesting Websites | 21 Comments

[1] 2007 was the year “blog” became an everyday word. Only twelve months ago, blogs was seen as a fad that maybe, in a few more years, might be seen as credible by the masses.

Oh, how quickly things change. Blogs have taken over, creating a feedback loop between journalists and readers, businesses and customers, you name it — conversation has officially changed the game.

While this may not represent all of the year’s best marketing bloggery, it’s a start. Are there posts by other bloggers you’d like to see on here? Let us know with a brief comment and (so long as it fits) we’ll add your suggestion to the list. Enjoy!


Best of 2007: Top 7 Tech News Stories [2]” — Mashable (The top tech posts from the Mashable.com team.)

2007 Brand Autopsy Marketing Book Awards [3]” by John Moore, Brand Autopsy (Find out which books John thought were made to stick, so to say, in ’07.)

The Cosmo Headline Technique for Blogging Inspiration [4]” by Brian Clark, Copyblogger (Shows how to spin brilliantly trashy headlines into useful attention-grabbers, e.g., “Headline Help: Crucial Tips That Brian Clark Forgot to Mention” [Hint: It's not just for bloggers.])


The Blogger’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization [5]” by Aaron & Giovanna Wall, SEO Book (It’s quickly becoming the go-to resource for blog SEO.)

Close Encounter with Facebook Beacon [6] by Charlene Li, Groundswell (See what happens when you back peddle into a revenue stream by snooping on your users.)

Who Owns Your Data on Google, Facebook, Netflix? [7]” by Don Dodge, The Next Big Thing (One of the year’s top debates, nicely distilled in a simple response to Jason [8] Calacanis, Doc [9] Searls, and Dave [10] Winer.)

Amazon Sets eBook World Alight with Kindle [11]” by Richard MacManus, Read/Write Web (Review of a clunky internet-connected e-book reader. Will it catch fire or burn up?)

Google’s Android Arrives . . . An Open Source Mobile Phone Platform [12]” by Greg Sterling, Search Engine Land (It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s not a Google Phone, but a mobile operating system.)


Sorry PR people: you’re blocked [13]” by Chris Anderson, The Long Tail (If you’re in PR or have ever considered emailing Wired Magazine‘s editor-in-chief, or any other blogger/author/journalist, don’t do a thing until you read this appropriately scathing post.)

Online Copywriting 101: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet [14]” — GrokDotCom (Resources for anyone who wants to communicate on the Web.)

Radiohead’s In Rainbows: A Look at Anti-Marketing in the Music Industry [15]” by Maki, DoshDosh (One band schools an entire industry on “the ROI of free,” but stumbles a bit in the process. Read our follow-up case study [16] for more.)


Dear Steve Jobs [17]” by Robert Scoble, Scobleizer (Apple announces iPhone. Zealots and Geeks wait in lines for days. Sales are a bit slow for Jobs, so he drops the price. The blogosphere speaks up. Jobs listens.)

Forget About Page Rank and Build a Better Blog [18]” by Darren Rowse, ProBlogger (A terrific video post on why it’s important to put content first, then let search engines do their job. Optimization matters, but what you’re optimizing matters more.)


Damn, I am so busted, yo [19]” by Fake Steve, The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs (One of our favorite satirist bloggers, Daniel “if-that-is-his-name” Lyons, gets outed [20] by a New York Times writer whose name happens to be BRAD STONE.)

Moving Day [21]” by Stephen J. Dubner, Freakonomics (In a freak move, NYTimes.com picks up Dubner & Levitt’s popular blog, breathing new life into old media.)

See Who’s Editing Wikipedia [22]” by John Borland, Wired (A Cal Tech graduate student makes a program that allows us to see who’s editing wiki entries. You might be surprised. Read our follow-up post for more [23].)

Answer These 10 Questions Before You Charge for SEO Services [24]” by Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz (A must-read for all SEO firms and the people who hire them.)


Will The Last Corporation Leaving Second Life Please Turn Off The Light [25]” by Duncan Riley, TechCrunch (The L.A. Times talks about the pink elephant: Are businesses making money or even wooing fans in Second Life?)

Sphinn: Our Social Site For Search & Internet Marketing Professionals [26]” by Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land (Danny and crew launch a cool, 2.0-ish social news service for SEO’s.)

FreeBurner for Everyone [27]” by Traci, Burning Questions (Google acquires yet another important company. David Dalka gives six reasons [28] why the deal was a mistake.)


Why I disagree with Privacy International [29]” by Matt Cutts, Gadgets, Google, and SEO (Google gets poor grades on their privacy practices. Matt speaks out.)

Ask Launches Ask3D [30]” by Eric Enge, Search Engine Watch (The “first” major launch of universal search.)

Building 43 [31]” by Seth Godin, Seth’s Blog (You can’t out-SEO the team behind Google’s algorithm.)

If Clicks Were Votes [32]” by Andrew Meagher, Compete blog (A fun double-header analysis that tries to infer what could happen to Democrats [32] and Republicans [33] in the ’08 U.S. presidential election if Web traffic on its own actually mattered.)


Google Maps is spying on my cat… [34]” by Xeni Jardin, BoingBoing (Google Street Views takes some very revealing photos, backlash [35] ensues.)

New Version of Google Analytics! [36]” by Jeff Gills, The Official Google Analytics Blog (Sparks go off as Google unveils its updated analytics solution. Impressive, but is it an enterprise [37] solution [38]?)

Thank You for Helping Me Write The New Rules of Marketing & PR! [39]” by David Meerman Scott, Web Ink Now (With one of the year’s best executed and most earnest linkbait posts, David proves why everyone should read his book. Thank YOU, sir!)

The Movie is Finally Here [40],” by Geert, Bring Back the Love (Have advertisers lost that lovin’ feelin’? This short film shows why it’s time to bring it on back, now.)

[If video doesn't load, click here [41].]


Google beats Microsoft in DoubleClick bidding battle [42]” by David Hunter, Microsoft News Tracker [43], (GoogleClick? They win another acquisition battle.)

Google Website Optimizer Launches [44]” by Robert Gorell, GrokDotCom (Now everyone can do A/B and Multivariate testing at zero cost. Want some free resources [45] with that?)

Video: RSS in Plain English [46]” by Lee Lefever, Common Craft (Finally, someone shows how RSS really is simple.)

[If video doesn't load, click here [47].]


Viacom Sues YouTube for $1 Billion…The End of the Tube? [48]” by Pete Cashmore, Mashable (If you can’t beat ‘em, sue ‘em? The great debate rages on.)

Why Online Advertising Economics Are So Messed Up [49]” by Scott Karp, Publishing 2.0 (Now that “page views” are dead, it’s time to take a look at the real problem. Just beware of those zombie metrics [50].)

Taking the Week Off [51]” by Robert Scoble, Scobleizer (After receiving horrible anonymous threats, Kathy Sierra, one of the world’s top bloggers, quits blogging [52]. A regrettable chapter, indeed — but there was a silver lining. Ultimately, greater minds prevailed and the incident fueled a much-needed conversation [53] about balancing professionalism with free speech in blogland.)

10 Reasons Commenting is Good for Bloggers [54]” by Chris Garrett, ChrisG.com (‘Tis better to give than to receive. Here’s why.)


Why People Hate SEO… [55]” by Jason Calicanis, Calicanis.com (SEO is Bull? Although there are likely reasons [56] why Jason would say such a thing, at least he got savvy [57] search marketers to link to him and even challenge [58] him back. Mahalo!)

National Pork Board Goes After Breastfeeding Search Marketer [59]” by Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land (The Pork Board shouldn’t whine about spilt milk, especially when it’s not their own.)

7 Big Questions for Online Marketers [60]” by Jeffrey Eisenberg, GrokDotCom (Everyone loves answers, but are you asking the right questions?)


Steve’s Devices [61]” by Nicholas Carr, Rough Type (The post that put the year of the iPhone in perspective, explaining its limitations and predicting, without saying as much, that 2008 will be the year of the open mobile platform. Oh, and Nick does this six months before the iPhone even launched.)

Did we miss something?

Probably. There were so many eye-opening blog posts this year that we need your help updating this list so that it is definitive — or close to it.

What were your favorite posts this year? Leave a comment and/or link to let us know.

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