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The 2007 Marketing to Women Awards

Posted By Holly Buchanan On December 17, 2007 @ 4:17 pm In Branding,Marketing to Women | 9 Comments

Every time I see a great marketing to women effort, I do a little happy dance. Literally. My dogs give me a concerned look — afraid, perhaps, that I’m having a severe muscle spasm — but it does my heart good. This year I’m starting a new tradition. I want to congratulate all the companies and marketers who have prompted my happy dances. So, here they are…

The First Annual Marketing to Women Awards

Best TV Commercial — “Maxx Moments [1]” by TJ Maxx. It’s funny, it’s creative, but more to the point – it’s on target. The commercial is all about the main benefit of shopping at TJ Maxx: Saving money on designer clothes. This commercial gets extra points for being a wonderful breath of fresh air (especially after BlueFly.com’s, how shall I put this, bizarre commercial [2], featuring a woman walking into her dinner party naked.)

(If video doesn’t load, click here [1].)

Best Original Online Video ContentIn The Motherhood [3]. I’ve written about them before [4]. This is a series written for, about and most interestingly, by mothers. Real, humorous, engaging content, with characters women can relate to. I’d rather watch this than most TV shows.

Runner-UpBetter.tv [5]: What’s more interesting to watch, tips for how to keep your best babysitter or a video of women trying to bribe a babysitter [6]? (Unfortunately, to see the video, you have to click on “IT Moms,” then select “Keep the Babysitter.”) It’s funny and insightful since you get to hear from the babysitter’s own lips what she actually cares about and how you can help her do a better job. Just one clip of many on this website.

Best Discussion Forum — “Ask A Midwife [7]” on RealSavvyMoms.com [8]. Real Savvy Moms realized there was a huge unmet need for mothers-to-be. These pregnant women (often first-time pregnancies) needed advice, support, and answers. Yes, they have their OBGYN, but do you really want to bother a doctor every 12 hours with some new — and often scary — change in your body? Is what you’re feeling normal? “Ask a Midwife” is a wonderful forum where readers can write in to Cathy Collins-Fulea MSN, CNM, FACNM (the Section Head, Midwifery and Medical Director, In-Patient Obstetrics for the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit). Not only can moms write in with their questions, they can see what questions other moms are asking. It’s a wonderful way for expecting mothers to get answers to questions, gain support, and know they’re not alone.

Runner-Up — The discussion forums [9] for Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty. So much has been written about this campaign, there’s no need for further comment on my part. It’s simply brilliant.

All winners will receive a free copy of my new e-book, The 7 Biggest Mistakes in Marketing to Women [10]. If you’d like to read more about “Ask a Midwife” and other successful online marketing to women examples, pick up a copy [10] for yourself.

Looking back on the year, what were some of your favorites in these categories?

There are more Marketing to Women Awards to be handed out in the coming days, so I’ll continue to do my happy dance, despite the disapproving looks from my pooches…

(If video doesn’t load, click here [11].)

Oh, but there’s more… Don’t forget to check out Part 2 [12], Part 3 [13] and Part 4 [14] where we continue to give shout-outs to some of this year’s best marketing to women efforts.)

[Editor's Note: Holly Buchanan is co-author of The Soccer Mom Myth: Today's Female Customer - Who She Really Is, Why She Really Buys, which comes out in early 2008. Holly will also be teaching our Persuasive Online Copywriting seminar [15] on January 14th in sunny Orlando, Florida, where there will be plenty of time to discuss ways to improve your online copy and branding. Sorry, Holly will NOT be giving dancing pointers at the seminar. ;) ]

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