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Monday, Dec. 17, 2007

Podcast: Seth Godin on His Latest Book, “Meatball Sundae”

By The Grok
December 17th, 2007

We’re excited to announce that today at 2pm (EST), Seth Godin — author of the most popular marketing blog in the world, Permission Marketing, Purple Cow and many other bestsellers — will join us to discuss his latest book, Meatball Sundae.

What’s a “meatball sundae,” you ask? In addition to something you probably shouldn’t eat, it’s an analogy for what happens when product development, management, strategy and tactics are out of sync with today’s “new marketing” era. But Seth will explain all of that in his own words.

So, be sure to join us today @ 2pm (EST) on (home of our daily Blog Buzz podcast) for this rare conversation between two of the most respected minds in modern marketing. It’s 30+ minutes, so grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you think might help you wash down a meatball sundae.

UPDATE: The podcast has been archived and is now available here (right-click to download).

Click here for Seth Godin and Bryan Eisenberg

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  1. [...] 27th for a big gooey bite of meatball dipped in fudge. You don’t have to. Today at 2:00, Seth Godin will do a special interview with to discuss his book. Jody at SEO Space summarized a similar webcast [...]

  2. “…as a marketer, what you should care about way more than how many people do you reach is who do you reach. That’s what I call “who versus how many.” And that is hard, really hard, for marketers to get over the fact that they spent an entire career focused on how many.”

    Classic Godin, very Permission Marketing. Nobody is better at taking direct marketing themes that have been around for decades and translating them into a language all the other marketing folks can understand.

    Remember when any traffic was good traffic? How long did it take to unlearn that? Then again, looking at social media, I don’t think that lesson has been fully learned yet…

  3. [...] Seth Godin joined us for an exclusive interview on to discuss his latest book, Meatball [...]

  4. [...] a lot of ‘smart, book-buying people ‘ to faithfully review and comment the book , podcast teasing interviews, offer author teleseminar or less serious but still smartly done [...]

  5. [...] a discussion of Seth Godin’s concept of the “meatball sundae” (check out this podcast introduction), in which companies try to dress up old attitudes and ideas (the meatball) with some whipped cream [...]

  6. It was great! Seth is king of the marketing!

  7. Oh really? Seth is the kind of marketing? I didn’t know that but anyway thanks for the information my friend. This book he just published looks interesting.

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