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That’s My Amazon Kindle, But Those Aren’t My Hands

Posted By Holly Buchanan On December 18, 2007 @ 11:00 am In Buying Process,Merchandising | 11 Comments

I’m not known for being a detail person. I’m not the type of woman who can tell you where we had our first date, what you were wearing, or what we ate, but I can tell you whether we had a good time. But when it comes to marketing to women, I’m starting to notice everything.

It usually starts with a feeling that something’s not right. That’s what happened when I kept seeing banner ads for Amazon’s new reading device, Kindle [1].

When I looked closer, I realized the problem – this is a first-person view, but those aren’t my hands. They’re very nice hands, but they’re a man’s hands. I thought I was being pretty nitpicky here, but it still bothered me that those weren’t my hands. So imagine my surprise when I went to Amazon to do a little holiday shopping and there it was: My personalized homepage with an ad for the Kindle. But this time… Those ARE my hands! (Well, not my hands, exactly, but a woman’s hands nonetheless.)

I wonder, does Amazon change the Kindle ad on your homepage based on whether your name indicates you’re a man or a woman? I don’t know. Anyone else have an Amazon homepage? Is the Kindle held by a man’s hands or a woman’s?

I was so impressed to see my own hands holding the device, I actually clicked through to read more about it. It looks pretty cool. But I had one big question: “Can you adjust the text size?” I can’t see. Really. It’s a problem. I sometimes won’t buy a book if the text size is too small, and it’s not like you can adjust the text size on a book. I didn’t end up seeing any information on the product page about adjustable text size until I scrolled way down to the bottom. Finally, I saw that, yes, you can indeed adjust text size on the Kindle.

Amazon, you’re doing a lot of things right here — (as of today, Kindles are sold out, so check back with Amazon for updates) — but if I could make one suggestion: Make the adjustable text size a main selling benefit and have it in a large, bold font. For those of us with poor eyesight, this could be the main reason for buying the gadget.

It’s sort of ironic, but the Kindle page should be a lesson to all of us. Showing benefits right away is a must, and readability matters — especially when “readability” is the main selling point for some people. Behavioral and demographic targeting is one thing, but the experience falls flat without persuasive copy.

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