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Thursday, Dec. 20, 2007 at 5:42 pm

12 Marketers Pick Year’s Most Valuable Online Videos

By The Grok
December 20th, 2007

share_2007.jpgThe smart people at Twist Image have built a gorgeous video site to showcase 2007′s most valuable online videos, according to their “most influential friends.”

Paula Gignac, Seth Godin, Ken Wong, Joseph Jaffe, David Weinberger, David Usher, Jackie Huba, Shel Israel, John Gustavson, Christopher Loudon, Mary Maddever and our own Bryan Eisenberg were each asked to share their favorite video of the year.

Which videos were your favorites?

(To Mitch Joel, Mark Goodman, Mickael Kanfi, Aubrey Rosenhek and the entire team at Twist Image, joyeuses fêtes à vous tous! Thank you for helping to shape good ideas, as always.)

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Comments (8)

  1. Thanks for Blogging about our Holiday Season Website. We were thrilled and honoured that Bryan agreed to play a role.

    Happy Holidays to all at Future Now and GrokDotCom.

    All of us at Twist Image are huge fans!

  2. Invaluable videos. Thanks for this compilation.

  3. I agree, very nice way to put that together. Thanks for linking to it.

  4. I really liked “Bring back the Love”

    I recognised a few of the videos from earlier in the year but this one I wanted to share.

    I came across it last week (word of mouth, literally, on skype) on getting a double listing in google and increasing traffic, KaChing, First 3 mins are very intro but then it gets to the good stuff

  5. “A vision of students today”… what an amazing video. Thanks for the list.

  6. A little off topic but its interesting to see the page that you link though to has a “sites that link here” script at the base

  7. As a student “a vision of students today” is the best video for me. It made some things clear for me

  8. Thanks for this compilation.

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