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The 2007 Marketing to Women Awards (Part 3)

Posted By Holly Buchanan On December 26, 2007 @ 4:07 pm In Marketing to Women | 2 Comments

(Don’t forget to check out Part 1 [1], Part 2 [2] and Part 4 [3] where we continue to give shout-outs to some of this year’s best marketing to women efforts.)

Best Reason to Start a WebsiteAll Moms Go To Heaven [4]. The purpose of All Moms Go To Heaven is to recognize and show appreciation for moms. You can nominate your favorite mom, register her to win prizes, and even order cool All Moms Go To Heaven clothing. Here’s a sample nomination [5] from the site:

It has taken 30 years for me to write a nomination for my mom. Twenty eight years after my mom held on tight to my hand and carried me on her side through the decision to leave Vietnam during wartime. Through all the tough decisions and brave actions, she taught me how to work hard when she worked to get off of welfare rather than settling for handouts, to be humble when she held her head high while collecting cardboard in dark allies and trash cans late at night to sell to recycling centers to get a few extra dollars and how to not be afraid to raise your voice when someone doesn’t understand what you are saying-especially when you are speaking Chinese and they are speaking English. The most important reason for this nomination is that my mom has given me the gift to teach my daughter all that she has taught me.

You wouldn’t believe how much it means to these women to get an email saying “someone has nominated you” with the nominator’s message about why this mom is valued and loved. All Moms Go To Heaven also gets an honorable mention in the “Best Puppy-Wear” category for their stylish doggie T’s [6]. [6]

Best ‘About Us’ PageNaturallyCurly.com [7]. Their ‘About Us’ page [8] starts with this copy:

We are two regular gals [9], who share, in addition to friendship, curly hair. We share a history of fighting curls and kinks. We’ve longed for ponytails that swished. We tried in vain to imitate the hair fashions of the day, which were usually designed with straight hair in mind.

The copy goes on to talk about these “two regular gals,” Gretchen & Michelle, and their trials, tribulations and triumphs with very curly hair. It does a wonderful job of letting you know who these women are, why they created the site, and how what they’ve learned can help you. I felt an instant kinship with these gals. Yes, I too have thick, curly hair that’s so unruly I don’t know what to do other than pull it back into a ponytail. As they were sharing their Farrah Fawcett moments (wanting that beautiful feathered hair), I had a flashback of my Dorothy Hamill envy, when all I wanted was that perfectly cut bob — but, alas, with my thick curls, it was not to be.

They also have a wonderful video on the ‘About Us’ page. If you’re marketing to women and you want them to relate to your brand, your company, and its vision, you should consider putting a video on your ‘About Us’ page. It’s the next best thing to meeting you in person and sharing a cup of coffee. (Well done, gals!)

Best HomepageGoogle [10]. “Huh?” I hear some of you saying, “That’s not a homepage, that’s a search engine dialog box.” I hear you. But I still argue that it’s the best homepage out there. Why? Simplicity. One of the things I’ve found in my marketing to women research is that the best designs are uncluttered, have good use of white space, and have clear calls to action with intuitive navigation. Google’s homepage does this beautifully. Despite the political battles for space on their homepage, they never caved. They’ve remain true to pure simplicity. It’s a beautiful thing.

All winners will receive a copy of my new e-book, The 7 Biggest Mistakaes in Marketing to Women Online [11]. If you’d like to see some other design tips for creating websites for women, pick up a copy [11] for yourself.

What are some of your favorites in these categories?

[Editor's Note: Holly Buchanan is co-author of The Soccer Mom Myth: Today's Female Customer - Who She Really Is, Why She Really Buys, which comes out in early 2008. Holly will also be teaching our Persuasive Online Copywriting seminar [12] on January 14th in sunny Orlando, Florida, where there will be plenty of time to discuss ways to improve your online copy and branding. (Image via RethinkPink [13].)]

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