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Sunday, Jan. 6, 2008 at 12:55 pm

Top Ten Best (and Worst) Communicators of 2007

By Jeffrey Eisenberg
January 6th, 2008

Bert Decker trains executives to communicate better. He’s nationally recognized as a persuasive presentation coach and has an impressive client list. Not only is he a friend but we send people to his trainings. That’s why his “Top Ten Best (and Worst) Communicators of 2007” is a must-read.

I’ll give you his top three, but you’ll have to read the post for the other seven and Bert’s analysis.

Top Three Best

1) Gov. Mike Huckabee — What but for communicating would get a presidential candidate so far so fast?
2) Dr. Mehmet Oz — He became “America’s Doctor” in one short year, because of his communications (and Oprah of course.)
3) Al Gore — Even if he hadn’t won the Academy Award, Al Gore would get the communicator’s comeback of the year award.

Top Three Worst

1) Alberto Gonzales — He not only lied, but showed he was lying because of his behaviors.
2) Michael Vick — When you want your public AND the judges empathy, it is not the time to ‘˜gut it out’™ and put on a stone face.
3) Robert Eckert — The Chairman of Mattel was caught in a toy recall disaster probably not of his making, but ‘˜the buck stops here.’

This is a long post with lots of worthwhile meaty commentary.

Read the “Top Ten Best (and Worst) Communicators of 2007” for yourself.

P.S. Barack Obama has proven to be an excellent communicator. It’s not just what he is saying but how he’s saying it that’s turning people on. I’m registered as an Independent, and I’m not yet committed to any candidate, but he’s making a great case for himself.

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Comments (4)

  1. Thanks Jeffrey – great post! (What else could I say…)

    BTW, Barack Obama was #1 Best Communicator on last year’s list – the only reason he was not on this year’s as I like to try to keep it fresh with new people. Interesting that #1 last year and #1 this year both won the Iowa Primary. Communication counts big.


  2. Thanks very much for the link to this article, very enlightening stuff – never heard of this guy before as I’m only new to this.
    Thanks again
    Aidan :)

  3. Cool!

  4. awesome. thank you.

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