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Are You a Call to Action Lefty?

Posted By Peter Lee On January 25, 2008 @ 11:54 am In A/B Testing,Call to Action,Web Design | 8 Comments

left-handed shopping cart [1] As a Conversion Analyst, I review hundreds of websites in a given week. So when I come across unusual design elements, it doesn’t exactly surprise me, but it does catch my eye. Crutchfield has gone the unconventional route by placing the “Add to Cart” button on the left-hand side, despite the fact that visitors are accustomed to seeing important calls to action on the right.

Why would Crutchfield go against the norm?


iPod touch at Crutchfield

While there’s a good amount of info on this product page [2], are they sure that visitors are more likely to purchase when the call to action sits to the left of the product? Have they at least tested determine, without a doubt, which side yields a better conversion rate and higher average order value?

I want to believe there’s some rhyme or reason to Crutchfield’s logic. Still, I wonder if they really know which sells best [3].

[Read John's follow-up on how to test this feature: "Add-to-Cart Buttons: Stuck in the Middle With You [4]"]

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