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Monday, Jan. 28, 2008

GrokDotCom Up for Two SEMMY Awards — Vote Now!

By Robert Gorell
January 28th, 2008

2008 SEMMY FinalistGrokDotCom is honored to announce that two of our posts have been selected as finalists in the first-annual SEMMY Awards — in the same category, no less.

Launched by Matt McGee of Small Business SEM, these awards are a much-appreciated nod of peer recognition from some of the smartest folks in search and customer experience marketing.

And the nominees for best post in the “Online Marketing/General” category are…

Big thanks to the judge for nominating us, the other finalists for inspiring us, and our readers for, well, reading our stuff. Without you, GrokDotCom would be just another blog collecting pixel dust at the far reaches of the Googlesphere.

Bryan and Holly have some pretty stiff competition in this category, so don’t forget to vote for “Why Testimonials Do (and Don’t) Work” or “How A Pretty Face Can Push Visitors Away” if you liked them the best. The polls close January 30th, so vote now!

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  1. Coollll article

  2. [...]   (links to a few good articles) [...]

  3. Looks like you won a couple. Congrats!

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