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1,000 Tips for Selling Online Without Paying a Copywriter

Posted By Jeff Sexton On January 30, 2008 @ 12:25 pm In Articles,Copywriting,Web Design | 23 Comments

no words here“Why do we — as web-builders — overlook even the most basic aspects of language so frequently when we build our sites? Is language so transparent in our lives that we fail to recognize its importance?” -Julia Hayden [1]

The answer to Julia’s second question is yes. The omnipresence of language hides its overwhelming importance from us; it’s one of those “don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” situations.

That’s why I recommend Netdisaster to anyone who wants to know if hiring a copywriter is “worth it.” Just enter the website’s URL, select “text sucker [2]” as your preferred disaster, and let the magic vacuum do its thing.

This is what happens when you remove Amazon’s homepage copy [3]:

This house is not a homepage

Think that’s bad? Look at what happens to a product page without copy [4]:

failing to persuade

Pretty hard to use a website like that, isn’t it?

Intuitive graphic design is important, but let’s not forget the findings of Apple’s Human Interface Group*:

“In 1985, after finding that pretty but unlabeled icons confused customers, the Apple Computer Human Interface Group adopted the motto, “A word is worth a thousand pictures,” and a descriptive word or phrase was added beneath all Macintosh icons.”

So, the next time your boss or a prospective client fails to see the full value of Web copy, give ‘em a dose of the text sucker. This may be one situation where a picture truly is worth (more than) a thousand (persuasive) words.

Oh, right! I almost forgot the tips. Well, it’s actually the same tip 1,000 times over.

Tips #1 – 1,000: Don’t be cheap! Hire persuasive copywriters.

[*Editor's Note: We're not sure where the original quote is from, but perhaps Ankesh [5] is. Also, if you're still looking for advice on how to sell online, here's the ultimate cheat sheet [6].]

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