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The UK’s Top 50 Ecommerce Sites

Posted By Bryan Eisenberg On February 6, 2008 @ 4:34 pm In Research,Retail,e-commerce | 18 Comments

The Top 50 UK Ecommerce SitesRecently, Hitwise published their 2007 list [1] of the top 50 e-commerce websites in the UK.

While many of the usual suspects are represented, it’s worth noting how consumer demand compares with the huge differences in the quality of customer experiences offered by these sites.

Of course, it’s one thing to know who the top retailers are, but it’s quite another to have qualitative data that shows how certain e-commerce sites actually engage customers. As conversion optimization experts and providers of OnTarget continuous optimization subscriptions [2], engaging customers in a mutually beneficial way is what we advocate. That’s why we spent months reviewing hundreds of American retailers for Future Now’s 2007 Retail Customer Experience Survey [3] — and why we’re expanding our research to include EU retailers.

In just two weeks, I’ll be at the Search Engine Strategies conference [4] in London, where we’ll discuss web analytics, boosting conversions, and most of all, redefining the customer (experience). In the meantime, I’d love to hear from our European friends, colleagues and readers, about whether you think this list is a good place to start:

1. Amazon UK [5]
2. Play.com [6]
3. Argos [7]
4. Tesco.com [8]
5. Apple Computer [9]
6. Dell EMEA [10]
7. Amazon.com [11]
8. Marks & Spencer [12]
9. Tesco Direct [13]
10. Next [14]
11. HMV.co.uk [15]
12. Expedia.co.uk [16]
13. Thomson Holidays [17]
14. LastMinute.com [18]
15. Currys [19]
16. Ticketmaster UK [20]
17. John Lewis [21]
18. RyanAir [22]
19. easyJet [23]
20. British Airways [24]

[See the rest of The IMRG-Hitwise Hot Shops List [1].]

Any other European retailers you’d like us to evaluate? Let’s hear it in the comments!

P.S. If you are going to be at Search Engine Strategies in London and then a few weeks later in NY, let me know. I’d love to connect with some of our readers.

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