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Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2008

“What Should I Test?” Free Google + Future Now Webinar

By Robert Gorell
February 27th, 2008

In the past few months, we’ve received emails and comments from people who want to know the secret. They’ve read a few posts on website optimization testing, but they’re disillusioned. Their tests haven’t been effective — meanwhile, Future Now keeps yammering about how…

Lead generation went up 5,000%!” (Tumbleweed rolls.)

“They doubled their conversion rate!” (Crickets chirp in disbelief.)*

Don’t think you can do it? Bryan Eisenberg and Google’s Tom Leung disagree. Join them for a free webinar on March 11th.

*Please Note: Case studies not boring when about your site.

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Comments (16)

  1. Is there going to be a recording of this?

  2. WTF?! They increased their conversions up to 5000 procent? If I increased with that number I was rich at the moment. Oh my god

  3. I will be somewhere in Texas for SXSW, but I wouldnt miss this for anything.

  4. Question?

    Is it possible to run Google Analytics testing on a website WITHOUT having to pay for the traffic? Just use the natural organic traffic to test your site with?

  5. Joel: I believe it will be archived. I’m just not sure how long you’ll have to wait after the webinar to get the archive link.

    Software downloaden: It’s true, but when you look at both case studies, the second one is even more impressive in a way. They went from a 10% conversion rate to 20% on their landing page.

    Audio Bible: If your traffic is low, you can run tests over a longer period of time. If you’re not getting a lot of organic traffic, you may not have enough content — or enough relevant content — to be found by would-be customers. That’s a more fundamental problem that — in your case, since you’re e-commerce — requires more substantial copywriting for product descriptions and some basic SEO. Regardless, there’s no harm in running a longer-term test with Google Website Optimizer.

  6. @ Robert Gorell

    Yes I saw that when I checked it once again. So I believe it now it is possible with the right changes, knowledge and budget it is possible.

  7. [...] case you missed the live webinar or had technical difficulties while watching it last week, you can watch it on YouTube [...]

  8. Is this recording still available for download or listening? The reason being that I am looking for some more ways to increase my lead generation conversions. A 5,000% increase is just amazing to me!

  9. 5000% increase is just amazing. Is there any chances of some similar webinar in the near future? I would surely love to learn the these tricks.

  10. I couldn’t find anything about a recording of this on your site? Is there a video or podcast?

  11. The reason being that I am looking for some more ways to increase my lead generation conversions

  12. I am looking for some more ways to increase my lead generatio

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