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Tuesday, Mar. 4, 2008 at 3:33 pm

Persona Models Presentation at SMX West 2008

By Brian Bond
March 4th, 2008

SMX_west.jpgLast week, I had the privilege of speaking at Search Marketing Expo (SMX West) about using Persona Models in Search Marketing. It was a pleasure to share the dais with Gord Hotchkiss from Enquiro Research and Ian Lurie of Portent Interactive — both outstanding, smart people who gave great presentations.

Our presentations went over the high-level basics of creating personas and planning content that speaks directly to your personas. We had a full house for our session and I’ve received lots of insightful questions since from audience members. Overall, the feedback has been extremely positive. But what struck me most was the coming of age of the notion that personas ought to be an integral part of any online marketing plan.

This really excites me, to see people so open to a concept that Future Now has proved effective in almost every interaction. The sheer number of seminars about visitor behavior and the number of times I heard “persona” used in comments and questions suggested a bold new era for interactive marketing.

The rest of the conference was equally thought-provoking. I thought it showed a deeper level of thinking and debate than I’ve witnessed at past industry conferences. (Hats off to Danny Sullivan and the crew at Search Engine Land!)

If you’d like to see my presentation, here it is:

For more in-depth instruction on how to creating personas for your business, read Part 1 and Part 2 of Howard Kaplan’s series on “How to Get Started with Personas.”

If you’d like help planning your online content strategy with personas, contact us.

[Editor's Note: Brian Bond is VP of Marketing and Product at Future Now.]

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  1. Brian, let me first say, I had never read one of your articles before today. As usual, I skim through, reading a fair bit of the post, catching highlights.

    Well I decided to view your presentation, and on slide 30 of 35, bam, I had an ‘I could have had a V8 moment.’ I really did not understand how to market to the 4 major groups of shoppers; I know what they are but not how to market to them. Finally, I understand much better, at less a bit more on how to do that.

    My on web site, I have been mostly marketing to Competitives and Methodicals, I think. I am at the beginning of a database redesign, so after that I can do some page layout redesigning also.

    I am planning to add customer reviews so that will better target the Humanistics and also plan to add another section in my left hand navigation with a title like ‘Popular Categories’ with links like ‘Top Sellers’, ‘Gift Help Ideas’, New Products’, ‘Help me Decide’ and maybe ‘Top Rated’ links.

    I finally had something sink in the gray matter in the personas area of Internet marketing………….

    Thanks a ton………GREAT post.

  2. Thank you for the very kind response. I’m thrilled you were able to develop some clear actions based on the presentation. I’d just offer some encouragement to test, test, test. not all sites are created equal :) Make sure your constantly taking the opportunity to appeal to your different buyers and when time permits I’d encourage you to go through an exercise to identify the personas on your site. It will make you job so much easier in the future and your marketing so much more effective.

    Again, thanks for the comments and please let us know if we can be of help.

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