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webcom Montréal 2008

By The Grok
April 10th, 2008

Who: Bryan Eisenberg

What: At webcom Montréal 2008, Bryan discusses “The Golden Rule of Interactive Marketing.”

The golden rule states that he who has the gold rules. However, today’s customers have the gold and they are clearly in control of their power that is the outcome of the transparency of choices interactive marketing offers. The voice of the consumer has never been so simple to find and so difficult to decode. Marketers are venturing into new, unfamiliar territories, juggling multi-channel strategies, allocating ad dollars among media, and trying to maximize new technologies — all at a time when consumers seem to find it easier than ever to bypass and ignore those efforts.

Today’s marketers are also being held to an unprecedented standard of accountability. The answer can’t be to A/B test everything and see what sticks. New York Times bestselling author, Bryan Eisenberg will show you a how to persuade these redefined customers as they ignore marketing.

When: May 14, 2008

Where: Head Office of the ICAO | 999, University Street | Montréal (Québec)

Why: Because you want to know more about the impact of social media and emerging technologies on your marketing strategies — and you’ve been looking for an excuse to visit Montréal.

How much? Only $ 395 CDN for the day. Other discounts apply. Visit the webcom Montréal site for details.

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