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Bazaarvoice Social Commerce Summit, Austin

By Robert Gorell
April 17th, 2008

Bazaarvoice Social Commerce SummitWho: Bryan Eisenberg (FutureNow), Josh Bernoff (Forrester Research), Kelley Mooney (Resource Interactive), Ze Frank (vlogger extraordinaire), Andy Sernovitz (Word of Mouth Marketing Association), Ed Keller (Keller Fay Group), Pinny Gniwisch ( and more!

What: From the event website:

Today there’s no denying that power has shifted to the consumer. You’ve heard this message amplified through books, blogs, articles, and events. “User-generated content,” “word of mouth,” “Web 2.0,” and “social networking.” Ok, you get it. However, many exciting marketing tactics classified under these terms don’t always show measurable impact to the P&L. So we decided to pull together a group of 200 retailing and manufacturing executives — authors, researchers, designers and other thought leaders – to separate hype from ROI, once and for all. This is the “get down to brass tacks” learning event. We’re getting together to share how to turn customer conversations into measurable results. We’re getting together to help build your social commerce strategy.

Where: InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel | Austin, TX

When: May 28, 2008 – May 30, 2008

Why: Because the list of guest speakers proves that the people at Bazaarvoice have some very smart friends, and you refuse to let them keep all of that insight to themselves. You’re sick of hearing people say “2.0″-this and “social”-that without any regard for what it will actually do for your business. Besides, it’s in Austin. Who wouldn’t want to go to Austin?

How much? $695 is a bargain for this five-star event. Visit for details.

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