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Thursday, Apr. 17, 2008 at 6:16 pm

Over 11 Billion Customer Reviews, and Counting…

By Bryan Eisenberg
April 17th, 2008

Bazaarvoice customer review syndicationHow many consumer-generated reviews are out there today? We’re not sure, but it’s staggering to think that one firm has already enabled over 11 billion (with a “B”) customer reviews — and counting!

Bazaarvoice* recently started tracking their networks total “reviews served” and placed a counter on their homepage. If you’ve ever wanted to know how quickly the market’s demand for social commerce reviews is growing, this pretty much says it all.

Just yesterday, their CEO and founder, Brett Hurt, emailed to let me know that they had passed the 10-billionth-review milestone. And amazingly, since I grabbed the image you see here from their homepage about 30 minutes ago, Bazaarvoice has syndicated another five million reviews.

Is there still any doubt that customers want product reviews?

If you want to learn how to harness the word of mouth (that’s already out there) to boost sales and conversion on your e-commerce or brand website, I hope you’ll join me at the Bazaarvoice Social Commerce Summit, May 28-30 in Austin, Texas.

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*Disclosure: Bryan Eisenberg is an advisor to Bazaarvoice.

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  1. Really like the things Bazaarvoice is doing. Plus, really impressed whenever I hear Brett speak. Reviews are essential to creating relationships with your customers for ecommerce!

  2. Thanks Bryan. I’m looking forward to you presenting at our Summit.

    The amazing thing is that we are projecting to serve another 1.5 billion reviews over the next 30-day period. The scale of this is massive. Clients like Wal-Mart are really pushing this.

    And thank you Alex for the kind words.

  3. That’s an amazing statistic. Wisdom of Crowds in full effect. I think the key will be in how to decipher true reviews from biased ones.

  4. Really amazing stuff.

    It really ereally hit me when purchasing my own laptop. Customer reviews are now a revolution, possibly more important then anything else really. That’s not to say the process will be instant or that i know what the end of it will look like, but it seems inevitable that this will become a new cornerstone.

    And it’s the beginning really. From now on, a big (and growing) chunk of consumers will not buy a new laptop without reading a dozen or so reviews.

    You will not hire a lawyer, contract a builder or sign with a real estate agent without reading reviews first. At some point reviews will become basic due diligence of the ‘noone ever got fired for buying IBM’ kind.

    Reviews are not a different type animal then word of mouth. But they are doing something different. They are encroaching on space that used to be reserved for marketers.

  5. I think reviews are key to customer decision these days. I am even seeing it very important even in my driving school business. People look on my listings on various websites and reviews before they call me up.

  6. Nowadays you see reviews of everything from pens to cars so I think the number will double in next 2-3 years

  7. That’s an amazing statistic. Wisdom of Crowds in full effect. I think the key will be in how to decipher true reviews from biased ones.

  8. Bryan…that’s a smart idea, to include a counter of the reviews. There is just one condition- you need to have a lot of them, so the number really attract the eye:)


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