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Monday, May. 5, 2008

Win Tickets to the IMC Mobile Marketing Conference

By Robert Gorell
May 5th, 2008

mobile web marketing cat from tastetherainbow5387 on FlickrIf you’ll be in New York City on June 4th — or looking for an excuse to visit — here’s your chance.

The IMC Mobile Marketing conference, in addition to offering a 20% discount to all GrokDotCom readers (click here for details), is letting us give away three free tickets to their event.

How To Enter

All you need to do is leave a question — not a comment — below that addresses a common or interesting concern about mobile marketing.

Be specific. The more detail you give, the better our chances of giving you a clear answer.

The three most interesting questions (according to Bryan and me) win. It’s that simple!

Who Should Enter

Anyone reading this who wants to learn more about mobile marketing; especially those who read GrokDotCom often but don’t comment. We’re setting one of the free tickets aside for a first-time commenter, so don’t be shy!

Why You Should Bother

Because EVERYONE’S questions will be answered. That’s right. Even if you don’t win, we will have mobile marketing experts (from the conference and others) answer your questions. Besides, your odds of winning free tickets are pretty darn good.

How You’ll Know if You’ve Won

We will email you. We’ll also announce the winners next Monday in a new post.

Good luck, and may the best questions win!

UPDATE: Thanks for the great questions, everyone! The winners have been announced. So, if you have already left a question below, we will get your question answered in upcoming posts as soon as possible.

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Editor’s Note: Happening in the same hotel, the two days prior, June 2nd and 3rd respectively, FutureNow’s Persuasive Online Copywriting and Call to Action seminars give you even more profitable excuses to visit New York.

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Comments (23)

  1. This is not my question: I have a request to make, because the discount of $300 deadline is the 9th can you please send out the notices before then, because I am working hard on convincing my company to let me go on this trip and the saving money will be important.

    Now, I am going to work on my question, I have to make it great. :)


  2. Will Mobile Marketing eventually break down the barrier for commerce based text? Meaning, when do something via text that requires payment, the carrier automatically receives 50%. If I wanted to offer items via text, I would have no way of maintaining my margin as of now.

  3. I’m curious to know how the recent 700MHz auction, and the requirement for the C Block to have ‘Any Application, Any Device’ will impact mobile marketing and the opportunities that will arise from the bandwidth available in that channel and the devices that will come from that frequency ‘freedom?’

  4. Will mobile text-based marketing ever be embraced to the same extent that pc marketing is with its rich user experience?

  5. Great idea :) . I love how you’re trying to get your finger on the pulse of what is most important to the viewers in this powerful emerging technology.

    As a consultant, someone who has spent time researching the industry (and would love to win a ticket :) ), I would say one of the most important issues to address for a business going mobile is how do you best design a robust and engaging money making mobile page in a small amount of space? What are the best technologies available, and what are the best tips for optimizing the space?

  6. The emergence of the NFC chip and other smart chips for cell phone payments has brought a whole new realm of mobile possibilities (although not widely used….yet) including receiving data from embedded tags on such things as bus signs and movie posters. My question is should this process of using your cell phone to store data become popular amongst consumers would marketers have the right…or the ability to obtain that data to target certain markets?

  7. I think that the timely nature of sports and live entertainment have tremendous potential for web broadcasts in the mobile space, as well as to generate revenues for producers, marketers and advertisers. My question is about whether content would need to be shot or edited specially to fit a mobile screen. I know that aspect ratios can be adjusted, but even so, would this provide a satisfactory experience?

  8. Are we going to see more of companies such as Blyk ad model MVNO? How big is this market really? I feel it only affects young subscribers.

  9. Simple question: Why do we think anyone will *ever* transact using a handset when they’re holding a phone in their hands? Wouldn’t it just be easier to call? Shouldn’t the emphasis be on tracking the outcome of the call itself and using *that* as the call-to-action?

  10. Great questions, everyone! Keep ‘em coming…

  11. This is great input to our speakers as well! Shoot!

  12. Whats the deal with the pussy?

  13. SJ,

    In addition to being a Waiting for Your Cat to Bark reference, I just thought a cat falling asleep on a mobile phone by a keyboard was funny.

  14. heh I like the cat, Ok my question: There is a clear issue with the small size of the screen. There is also a clear issue with the difference between an iPhone Screen and a standard 1 inch screen. What plans are there in place to work on mobile web standardization, and when optimizing for mobile screen can you expect accurate results when a visitor might go to the site on their phone than visit the site to become a lead on their computer. ( which seems as thought it would be more common than current issues such as a user clicking on an ad then going home to revisit the site)

  15. What is the future of location based mobile applications/services (social networking, ecommerce, profile based marketing)? How will carriers be involved?

  16. Thanks for the great questions, everyone! The winners have just been announced.

    And don’t forget, we will get all of your questions answered in upcoming posts.

  17. What is it going to take to push mobile marketing to a comfort level that will allow clients and consumers alike to embrace it with confidence? For clients and advertisers-confidence that there is an actual ROI and for users and consumers-a positive and measurable experience that will have them become early and frequent adopters?

  18. Marc,

    Thanks for your questions. Perhaps I wasn’t clear, but we’re not taking any new questions to answer from this thread. That said, I’ll assume it’s my fault for not being clear about it since I wrote “ALL of your questions will be answered,” we will get yours answered.

    So, to avoid confusion, let me be clear that we are taking NO FURTHER QUESTIONS (on this topic… for now). Thanks!

    -Editor, GrokDotCom

  19. One of the problems that I have seen with mobile advertisement, in particular, is that people find it intrusive. Go to an Asian countries and you are bombarded with noisy ads. Are there any good models implemented that avoid such a problem? I am referring to push based Ads and not pull based.

  20. Can anyone show me 3 successful mobile advertising business cases? Still looking for them.

  21. @Theo
    Good question! :)

  22. Thanks to everyone who asked questions. If you did not win a ticket, but would like to attend — please contact us. We’d like to give you a discount since you took the time to ask some great questions.

  23. Theo,

    Do you mean:

    a) Making a purchase on the phone.
    b) Making a purchase prompted by a mobile campaign.

    Do you only count mobile Internet or do you count SMS, MMS and Bluetooth?

    You could get the answers to all these questions at the conference. :)

    But if you can’t make it, keep an eye out for our newsletter and blog posts after the event.

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