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Monday, May. 12, 2008

Mobile Marketing Conference Ticket Winners Announced

By Robert Gorell
May 12th, 2008

IMC mobile marketing conferenceBig thanks to everyone who took part in our ticket giveaway for the IMC Mobile Marketing conference.

Your questions were fantastic and have given us — and the conference presenters — a lot of great ideas for discussion topics. You also made it very difficult to choose a winner!

So, without further ado, our free ticket winners are…

Chana Hercenberg:
As a consultant, someone who has spent time researching the industry [...], I would say one of the most important issues to address for a business going mobile is how do you best design a robust and engaging money making mobile page in a small amount of space? What are the best technologies available, and what are the best tips for optimizing the space?

Sudhir Bhojwani:
Are we going to see more of companies such as Blyk ad model MVNO? How big is this market really? I feel it only affects young subscribers.

Tim Peter:
Simple question: Why do we think anyone will *ever* transact using a handset when they’re holding a phone in their hands? Wouldn’t it just be easier to call? Shouldn’t the emphasis be on tracking the outcome of the call itself and using *that* as the call-to-action?

Don’t forget: We’re assembling a crew of mobile marketing experts to answer not just these, but ALL of your other questions in following posts. Stay tuned!

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P.S. IMC is still offering a 20% discount for GrokDotCom readers.

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Comments (4)

  1. Congrats

  2. Thanks Robert for this forum. I look forward to reading the answers as well, perhaps meeting some of the people in-person.


  3. Thank you Robert, Lars, the IMC for offering the tickets & everyone else involved :) . I’m really excited to be part of this conference. I’m looking forward to sharing and hearing great ideas about the expanding mobile market.

  4. I didn’t mean to leave out Brian. Thank you too Brian! :)

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