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Monday, Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:24 pm

It Takes More Than Words to Out-Karaoke Microsoft

By Robert Gorell
June 2nd, 2008

Not long ago, Microsoft showed just how bad a corporate motivational video can be with an utterly painful Bruce Springsteen adaptation that proved a fitting soundtrack the equally lackluster Vista operating system. (So much for the “Start Me Up” days of the Windows ’95 release.)

As a former music journalist and current karaoke champion [in my own mind], I know a bad remix when I hear one. That’s why I’m particularly impressed with this outlandishly cheesy/brilliant rework of Extreme’s soft “rock” hair ballad chart-topper from 1991, “More Than Words” — one of the most yack-inducing songs known to man — used by our pals at Bazaarvoice to kick off last week’s Social Media Summit in Austin, TX. Watch this video and see how a few men in wigs can pick an even worse song and still do a better job of inspiring brand affinity and laughter than Mr. Softy himself:


Sayin’ you should buy this, are not the words they will believe from you
It’s just they have YouTube, and every search brings up blog entries too
How easy it could be to find out how they feel

More than words is all you had to use to make it real
Then you wouldn’t have to cry over costs per click
‘Cause you’re Google’s top guy

What you do with Ratings and Reviews?
More than words to keep it real
Let them say just how they feel
What would you say
If they took those words away
Then they wouldn’t buy things new
Without reading a review…

Now your market wants to
Talk for you and help others understand
All that you have to do is open up and just reach out your brand
Then you’ll see word of mouth for you and me to read
More than words is all you ever needed to make more sales
Then you could easily say “Mr. Bossman, it’s time I get a raise”

How sweet it’d be
A freed marketing annuity
More than words to show they feel
That they like a brand that’s real
Why would you pay
For research to guess and play
More than words to show what’s true
Then hear your market say “I love you”

. .

Hat tip to Linda for transcribing these righteously dorky lyrics.

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Comments (8)

  1. Priceless. The only thing I missed was Nuno Bettencort’s black fingernails.

  2. Thanks for the hat tip.

    This song has been stuck in my head all weekend.

  3. In case you were wondering if that was my good friend Sam Decker providing the vocals, he reveals all in his Bazaarvoice Social Commerce Summit wrap up. It truly was an amazing event.

  4. I’m scared. Am off to hide and pretend that I don’t know who Nuno Bettencourt is. I’ll be singing pornographiti songs all day now.

  5. Would it help if I got “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” stuck in your heads instead?


  6. Extra, extra, EXTRA points for the Public Enemy reference at the beginning of the vid: “It takes a rating of zero to hold us back” is a nod to PE’s LP ‘It takes a nation of millions to hold us back.’

    [crawling back in music-nerd hole, now...]

  7. Now how do I persuade Jason to do “Achy-Breaky Cart?”

    I just don’t think he understands…

  8. Ha, I thought they’d give up after a few verses, but they really went all out on the lyrics. I love the disturbing man way they stroke their rocker wigs…very vintage 80′s rock!

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