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Monday, Jun. 16, 2008

New Email Programs for GrokDotCom Readers

By Karrie Chen
June 16th, 2008

futurenow grokdotcom email listFutureNow just wrapped up two successful training seminars in New York, where I had the chance to meet some outstanding GrokDotCom readers. I joined the FutureNow marketing team only a few months ago, so, like everyone else there, I had many questions to ask our instructors (Bryan Eisenberg, Holly Buchanan and Jeff Sexton).

I have the luxury of asking these people all kinds of questions throughout the day in the office. (I’m sure they love it.) But what about the rest of you? How might we do a better job of passing this information along to those who are interested?

As the new Marketing Campaign Manager, I’m on a mission to satisfy your appetite for more relevant information. I’m starting a new email program to help answer all of your conversion questions, provide seasonal optimization tips, alert you about special events, free whitepapers, webinars, and much more.

To make our emails more relevant to you, you have the option to choose what you’d like receive. Of course, I recommend them all ( :) ), but do know that we’ll only send out newsworthy, relevant messages. It takes about 30 seconds to subscribe to these lists:

  • FutureNow Insider – Quick, newsworthy messages (for example, free whitepaper offers, conversion tips, webinar alerts, special promotions, and more)
  • FutureNow Events – Special invitations to events and training seminars, free ticket giveaway alerts, industry trade show/conference discounts and more.
  • FutureNow Updates – The latest news on our products and services and how they benefit you.

Opt-in to any, all, or none of the above. Either way, your current GrokDotCom newsletter subscription won’t be affected. These lists are just icing on the cake, but if you don’t follow the blog each day and are interested in getting specific updates, please do subscribe. If at any point you wish to stop receiving these message, no worries, simply click the “unsubscribe” link at the end of any of our emails.

We hope you enjoy the new lists! As always, we’d love to see your comments about how we can make FutureNow’s emails more relevant to your needs.

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About the Author: Karrie Chen is the Marketing Campaign Manager at FutureNow, Inc. If you have any questions about our new email lists or problems registering, please leave a comment below or contact her at marketing [at] futurenowinc [dot] com.

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Comments (6)

  1. This is a great idea. I have been so swamped lately and my work has turned up web security a notch so I had to make sure I had permission to even read this blog.

    The e-mail would solve that problem for myself and many others I’m sure.


  2. Thanks for these services I’ll be sure to check them out and thanks for another handy post!

  3. Thanks for the great article Karrie Chen. I would be more than happy to subscribe to you.

  4. Great thing Karrie they are appreciated. Will subscribe…

  5. I’ll be sure to check them out and thanks for another handy post!

  6. Thanks for these services

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